Former Justice Department Antitrust Chief urges Senate to confirm Jonathan Kantor

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Nine former antitrust chiefs of the Justice Department sent a letter Thursday to the leaders of the Senate and its judicial committee urging them to identify President Joe Biden’s candidate, Jonathan Cantor.

The letter is an impressive demonstration of the bipartisan support behind Big Tech and the role of Cantor, a progressive favorite of critics. Signatories include at least one representative from all administrations since President Gerald Ford. Maken Delrahim, head of antitrust law for former President Donald Trump, is one of them.

“We may disagree on some antitrust issues, but we share two important beliefs,” wrote a former official. “First of all, the antitrust department needs an intelligent and experienced leader, who appreciates the important role that antitrust enforcement plays in the economy, and all the talented men and women in the department. We want you to foster competition in this sector. Second, I believe that Jonathan Cantor has the talent and leadership skills to do his job well.”

He said some of the signatories saw Cantor’s work personally when he served as a court counsel at the Federal Trade Commission and later as a private attorney.

“He knows the essence of antitrust law. He appreciates its importance to American consumers. He is a wise and forthright advocate. He respects his enemies and works well with colleagues and co-workers. It inspires counselors.” does,” he wrote. “In short, we believe Mr Cantor deserves this important position.”

Here is the full list of signatories:

Donald I. Baker, Deputy Attorney General, 1976–1977

Sandy Litovac, Deputy Prosecutor General from 1980 to 1981

Charles F. Rule, Assistant Counsel, 1986–1989

James F. Lille, Deputy Prosecutor General, 1989–1992

Joel I. Klein, Assistant Attorney-General 1996-2000

Thomas O’Burnett, Deputy Prosecutor General, 2006-2008

Christine A. Burney, Deputy Attorney General, 2009-2011

William J. Bear, Deputy Attorney General, 2013-2016

Maken Delrahim, Assistant Counsel 2017-2021

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