Finalist in four categories: Sandhata Technologies, Digital Technology Leader

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The Digital Technology Leaders Awards exist to honor technical teams and individuals. While many companies have made excellent entries this year, few companies are as successful or as successful as Santatha Technologies. The company has made the list of candidates not just one or two but in four different categories.

We spoke to Gopinadh Sampath, Digital Transformation Leader at Sandhata, about what this means for the company.

What is the background of sandhata for our readers?

Santatha Technologies is a global niche consultancy specializing in innovative, enterprise-wide DevOps-focused service offerings. Established in 2005, Sandhata has established itself as a leader in providing systems integration solutions with DevOps Automation, Mainframe DevOps and IT transformations.

It provides the tools and expertise needed for your technology and fine-tuning your solution with a focus on business results. DevOps has been an integral part of the way we work for over 15 years. Customers realize benefits that impact their bottom line, including productivity, innovation, faster time to market, and better quality.

We have a high reputation for work in the financial and telecommunications sectors. In addition to established systems integration and DevOps expertise, we also have a very strong experience with mainframes, especially mainframe modernization.

How is it different from other technology companies?

We have a strong expertise in systems integration and DevOps, our experienced consultants are industry leaders, and we can use industry best practice strategies and maturity modeling to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients. ..

Our reputation for working with our Tier 1 clients continues to help us attract talented people. In return, we train our employees by supporting skill development, providing career advancement, and using state-of-the-art tools in our unique DevOps Innovation Lab.

In addition, each senior leadership team has extensive technical experience providing technical solutions within large organizations, which places them in a better position among DevOps service providers. It gives you a holistic business approach that helps you understand your day-to-day challenges and visualize what your clients need to be successful not only in the short term but also in the long term.

What is the proudest performance of the company in the last 12 months?

We have begun the year of deploying an automated service virtualization framework in multiple client test environments. With over 100 API responses virtualized, we can see that it is already contributing directly to the savings of hundreds of thousands of customers. This is possible because it eliminates dependency on some third-party systems and reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs for those systems. In addition, the solution test environment contributes to the indirect benefit of reducing downtime and increasing team productivity by allowing teams to more truly complete product release test cycles. I am

Despite the pandemic situation, DevOps experts should add that they are very focused on ensuring that client delivery is not compromised during this rollout. It was amazing to see how teams support each other to achieve this.

What are you working on this year?

We have started efforts to increase our presence in cloud services. As a first step, model service virtualization as a software as a service (SaaS) solution. We have worked with client groups to allow a single instance of a service virtualization application running on a single host server to host multiple tenants. This single instance serves each subscribing subscriber (commonly referred to as a tenant). Customers are excited to not build solutions from bottom to top, effectively leveraging existing solutions to increase flexibility, agility, deployment speed, and significantly reduce costs. I can do this.

Providing a complete API management solution, Microservices DevOps enables customers to assess maturity levels, enable teams to build automation, drive cultural change, and meet greater business demands. Because of this, more plans and projects are underway. a more efficient way.

Why are events like the Digital Technology Leaders Awards so important to the IT industry?

It cannot be hidden that this is a highly competitive market, and it is important for any company to recognize its outstanding performance. These rewards give you confidence in everything you do at Sandhata and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. They also help us draw lines in the sand and assess where we are today.

Rewards and external rewards also help keep the team motivated. They make them feel good and feel grateful for their efforts.

At Sandhata, we take pride in what we do and what our team can achieve. This award is the “icing on cake” for our growing business.

The Digital Technology Leaders Awards will take place on 13 October at the Waldorf Hilton in Aldwich, London. Book Your Place Now – Place Now!

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