“Fake it till you make it”: The reality of 5G marketing services goes beyond

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FILE PHOTO: A man promoting a 5G data network at a mobile phone store in London, England, January 28, 2020. Reuters / Toby Melville / FILE PHOTO

14 October 2021

Diane Baheto

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mobile operators are promoting wider coverage by promoting high-speed 5G services that flash pink or blue on maps of the United States, but the latest generation of wireless technology is, in fact, more than a third There is less time. Available in best serving states. Shows new data.

5G technology is designed to be faster than 4G wireless and has much lower latency, making it feasible for self-driving cars and the like. 5G operating in the low-band spectrum is the slowest, but mid-band can’t go far, while it has many advantages, but it is faster. The less available high-band spectrum can only travel a mile, but it is much faster.

Testers spent only 34.7% on T-Mobile 5G, 16.4% on AT&T and only 9.7% on Verizon, according to an analysis released Thursday by OpenSignal. And it’s not the fastest 5G that most people usually expect.

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This number is in stark contrast to what carriers have promised about 5G in advertising, and shows how much they are using 5G as a selling point in the fiercely competitive mobile services market. ..

T-Mobile advertises “America’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network”, suggesting that the map is almost entirely pink and broad. Work. The map doesn’t differentiate between the types of 5G customers are getting, but the details show a mix of poorly performing versions. On the other hand, the best “supercapacity” 5G coverage is only available in “hundreds of cities and (millions) of people”, not most parts of the country.

AT&T quotes tests conducted on AT&T by Global Wireless Solutions, which evaluates mobile networks, and states that it has the “most reliable 5G network”. However, the company says that its high-speed 5G+ is available in “certain high-speed zones and more than 20 states across the United States.”

T-Mobile’s Grant Castle, vice president of network engineering, was asked what the difference is between advertising and press, and said the company was on track.

“Is our network as big and wide as I want it to be? No, we’re still working on it,” Castle says.

Andre Fuetsch, AT&T’s chief technology officer of network services, said in an emailed statement that 5G is “still in the early stages of its life cycle and continues to grow and strengthen through continued investment and innovation.”

The National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau has criticized the claims of the three companies regarding 5G. This includes one in August, which urged Verizon to change its “most reliable” claim to show that it did not specifically mention 5G services. ..

“5G is a fake until it’s on stage,” said Harold Feld of Public Knowledge, an advocacy group that promotes affordable communication. As new technologies develop, advertising overtakes actual deployment. I added that there are many.

Christopher Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, an advocacy group, says low-income areas, and to a lesser extent rural areas, are generally the last areas to receive new technology.

Mitchell says there is “gradually faster 4G” in rural areas often advertised as 5G.

“I don’t expect to see ultra-fast 5G in many areas. T-Mobile is better at that,” he said. “I think there was a lot of fraud in the ads.”

Internationally, the story is similar. According to an OpenSignal report in early September, South Korea is likely to top the list with the highest 5G availability at 28.1%, while Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Hong Kong all account for more than 25%.

(Reporting by Diane Bartz; Editing by Chris Sanders and Edward Tobin)

“Fake it till you make it”: The reality of 5G marketing services goes beyond

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