Elizabeth Holmes accelerates deployment of Theranos Walgreens: Testimony

Texas News Today

San Jose, Calif. — Elizabeth Holmes, a former Theranos scientist, examined blood test results from the company’s Edison machine on Friday, so that despite issues with the device accuracy, I testified that I pressed her.

Surekha Gangakhedkar, an eight-year-old Theranos senior scientist who reported directly to Holmes, testified that they had returned from vacation in August 2013 and learned that Theranos was about to launch an Edison blood testing device at a Walgreens store. Down.

“I was very stressed, sad and worried about how to go ahead with the launch,” Gangakerkar said. “I was not happy with their plans, so I decided to resign and continue working there.”

Gangakhedkar recalled meeting Holmes in September 2013 on the issue which prompted him to resign.

“At that point of time, he promised to give to the customer and said that he did not have much option to go ahead with the launch,” said Gangakerkar, who got emotional at the stand.

“Did Holmes say he didn’t have many options?” asked Robert Reich, assistant US prosecutor.

“Yes,” she replied.

Despite signing a non-disclosure agreement, Gangakerkar said, “I was worried about the launch, so I was worried it wouldn’t work, so I printed some documents and when I left, I went home. brought it back.”

Gangakhedkar was exempted from the criminal charge in return for his testimony.

He testified in August 2013 that he did not think Edison 3.0 and 3.5 were ready to be used to test patients, adding that “there was a problem with getting consistent results.” .. However, Gangakhedkar recalled that Holmes was pressured by the team to validate the test, even though “she knew in my opinion” about the accuracy issue.

Holmes has been acquitted from fighting 12 charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In the opening statement, her lawyer told the jury that Holmes was an ambitious young woman who made mistakes but did not commit crimes.

Earlier that day, former lab-related whistleblower Erica Chan closed her testimony on the stand three days later. Cheung recalled that persistent quality control failures in the laboratory can significantly delay patient test results.

“Some people were sleeping in the car because it took too long,” Chan testified. “I had to run the sample several times every few days.”

“I’m probably interested in vitamin D samples for a month,” said Cheung, who left Theranos six months after joining the company as a college graduate.

Gangakhedkar’s testimony continues on Tuesday as well. Among insiders, the government will next call to testify project manager Daniel Adrin, who reported directly to Holmes and worked on the Walgreens partnership. Adrien was also a friend of Holmes’ brother Christian.


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