Elasticity is key to Cloud’s success, says Turbonomic

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The cloud industry has entered a period of massive growth, but it does not slow down. However, scaling remains a challenge and can cause performance issues if not handled properly.

“Most organizations over-provision their environments to avoid performance issues. This does not guarantee a high performance environment and will ultimately cost an incredible amount of money.” Rick Ochs, Turbonomic’s primary product manager, said.

Turbonomic, a finalist at the Cloud Excellence Awards 2021, specializes in tackling this challenge. Develop application resource management (ARM) software to dynamically and elastically help balance performance and cost in hybrid and public cloud environments.

“Using the economic principles of supply and demand, our real-time analytics engine can generate and perform resource actions as part of an automated, manual, scheduled, or approval workflow to determine when and how they are needed. ” Och says.

Rick Ochs is the Chief Product Manager of Turbonomic.

He continues. “The cloud industry is innovating rapidly. New technologies are common and this is an exciting time to be involved in the IT ecosystem. Automation and analytics as every company aims to be a technology company. Maximizing the business value of the cloud The product is essential to enable everyone to do this.”

Turbonomic’s approach is built around automation, which underpins cloud scaling and flexibility. That differentiation caught the eye of IBM earlier this year, and in June BigBlue turned its long-standing partnership into an acquisition. The team is excited about what this means for the future.

“Turbonomic has spent more than a decade working with customers to modernize legacy virtual environments as they move into new domains such as the public cloud, cloud native and edge. Today, IBM is global in deployment. Together, we are in an incredibly well positioned position to provide more value to our customers and continue our mission.”

Turbonomic is already leveraging its position as a member of IBM’s portfolio and aims to create an “AI-powered one-stop automation shop.” Later this year, we plan to launch full automation and scaling support for Google Cloud as well as AWS relational database services.

But it hasn’t come yet. For now, the company is looking forward to next week’s Cloud Excellence Awards. There, we want to be sure to win in the Best Cloud Automation Solutions category.

“These events help to spotlight the organizations that succeed in leading the industry. They recognize the best and brightest in rapidly evolving areas of technology.”

All the best to Turbonomic and all the other finalists at the Cloud Excellence Awards. 23 th. Click here to book your place at the Ko Montcalm Marble Archthird September.


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