Chinese mass media says game deadline loophole needs to be closed

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FILE PHOTO: A man plays online games on a computer at an Internet cafe in Beijing, China, August 31, 2021. Reuters / Florence Low

11 October 2021

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese mass media have come up with a loophole that allows minors to circumvent new rules aimed at reducing game play time to three hours a week in a bid to “prevent addiction”.

China introduced a new rule in August that allows people under the age of 18 to spend three hours a week on video games. It’s a move he said was necessary to fight addiction to the game, but young Chinese players expressed anger at the rules.

“Some online trading platforms have a gaming account rental and sales business that allows users to rent and buy accounts to bypass surveillance and play online games without any restrictions. This is a teenager. It is worth noting that there are still drawbacks to entering online games,” the official Communist Party’s People’s Daily commentary said on Monday.

According to the commentary, some gaming platforms have taken strict measures to prevent minors from buying, selling and renting accounts. Gaming companies need to “actively fulfill their social responsibilities,” “responsible for the healthy development of the next generation” and “promote the healthy development of the industry.”

According to the commentary, families and schools also need to create an environment that helps “for the healthy development of minors”. Parents, in particular, use their ID to register for some minor game accounts and disable game time limits.

Chinese officials, the world’s biggest video game marketer, have long been concerned about game and Internet addiction among young people, a clinic that combines treatment and military training for people with so-called “game disorder” has found. Was established.

(Reporting by Emily Chow and Wang Jing, Edited by Jacqueline Wong)

Chinese mass media says game deadline loophole needs to be closed

Source link Chinese mass media say game deadline loophole needs to be closed


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