British schools bring facial recognition to pay for students’ lunch

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Facial recognition is a controversial topic today, and the recent decision to install it in British schools is a bit surprising.

As of today, nine schools in North Ayrshire are starting to pay for lunch using facial recognition. It cites lack of touch (to protect against Covid) and increased speed as selling points.

David Swanston, MD, CRB Cunningham, who installed the system, said:

swanston, financial Times, said the system will reduce the average transaction time to about 5 seconds per student.

These are not the first schools in the UK to use biometric systems (some already using fingerprint technology), but they are the first schools to use facial recognition, which can pose a risk to privacy. However, Swanston said the technology is not recognized “live” and is not linked to an online database. Instead, it checks the faces against an encrypted database of face templates stored on the school’s servers.

Almost all parents and children (97%) agree with the new system, but some are concerned that their students do not have enough information to make informed decisions. He also suspected that pressure from his peers might have played a role.

Privacy activists were far less convinced. Silky Carlo of the campaign group Big Brother Watch said: [technology] For the kids having lunch. “

Fraser Sampson, appointed biometrics commissioner for England and Wales in March, said schools should not be used just because they can use the technology. “If there’s a path that doesn’t get in the way, you should use it,” he said.

Critics say installing facial recognition systems in schools normalizes their use elsewhere and makes them less likely to oppose the technology’s presence in supermarkets and concert halls.

Facial recognition has been criticized for racism and inaccuracies and has received a lot of negative attention in recent years. Privacy regulator ICOs also publicly opposes the use of the technology.

British schools bring facial recognition to pay for students’ lunch

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