Apple builds new regional headquarters in Los Angeles

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A rendering of Apple’s planned Los Angeles regional headquarters.


Apple on Friday plans to build a new regional headquarters on the border between Culver City and Los Angeles, showcasing the company’s continued investment in becoming a major Hollywood player.

Apple said the headquarters will cover 550,000 square feet in two office buildings and feature teams working on Apple TV+, Apple Music, engineering and artificial intelligence.

Apple’s new headquarters has indicated that it will continue to invest in the creation of content for Apple TV+, a $4.99/month streaming service that launched in 2019. It also suggests that Apple will continue to operate and expand in Hollywood.

Apple hasn’t yet disclosed the number of Apple TV+ subscribers who spend far less time on content than rivals like Netflix and Disney+, but a few, including the comedy “Ted Lasso,” were released this year. appeared in the beginning. By winning an Emmy Award, the service has gained some significant traction in comedy series.

Apple already has 1,500 employees in the region. Beats Electronics, which Apple acquired in 2014 with its largest acquisition to date, was based in Culver City, California. According to Apple, the new offices are located on National Boulevard and Venice Boulevard, close to public transportation. Apple also operates a shuttle for its employees.

Apple hasn’t said whether the facility has a production studio, but the location brings Apple closer to where many TV shows and movies are made. Culver City is the center of film production and the headquarters of Columbia Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony.

Apple did not say when the regional headquarters would be complete, but it did say it plans to have 3,000 employees in the region by 2026.


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