Amazon says 1 million employees applied for work this week

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One million people around the world applied for jobs, Amazon said on Friday, September 15 at a recruitment event organized by an online retailer. The recruitment promotion follows the company’s announcement that it plans to hire 125,000 people this week. warehouse and transportation workers In the United States, these roles offer an average starting wage of $18 per hour.

The e-commerce giant also said it has 40,000 open corporate technology roles, with 165,000 open, in addition to new warehousing and transportation jobs. In the United States, there were approximately 500,000 applications for these openings during Career Day. In other words, Amazon looked at three applicants for each opening. This shows that rising wages and perks are attracting some workers to the audience.

Amazon’s expansion began with companies working to fill a record 11 million jobs. With federal pandemic benefit enhancements set to expire in early September, more workers may be forced to return to the job market. Goldman Sachs predicts that employment growth across the United States will increase by 1.3 million by the end of the year when unemployment aid ends.

According to Beth Galetti, senior vice president of People Experience and Technology at Amazon, the retailer is “paying close attention” to the workforce. “We now know that many people are looking for jobs, and more people are looking to change their careers,” she said in a statement.

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Earlier this week, Amazon said 125,000 new jobs could pay up to $22.50 an hour in some areas. Roles also include full-time workers in health insurance, visual insurance, dental insurance, 401(k)s and up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave. Retailers are saying the same Pay full university tuition for 750,000 US hourly employees starting in January.

This can make it difficult for smaller employers to compete with Amazon. Companies in the leisure and hospitality industry, such as restaurants, hotels and bars, are among the most prestigious companies for workers, and some companies Food stopped due to labor shortage.. However, working for stipends that often don’t pay benefits may help workers find a higher-paying job with health and retirement benefits.

Amazon says 1 million employees applied for work this week

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