Amazon has a new blockbuster video game

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Everyone was eyeing the new holiday gadget that Amazon unveiled at a marathon earlier this week, but the company has already created a new hit.

Amazon Game Studios, Amazon’s video game development division, on Tuesday released a new computer game called “New World” that captivated the world of PC games this week.

“New World” is an online game where thousands of players can explore and build virtual colonies, like a magical version of Colonial America. Since its launch, Steam, the most popular online store for PC games, has averaged hundreds of thousands of players at a time.

Upon launch, the game peaked with over 700,000 simultaneous players and became one of Steam’s most popular. biggest release ever.. As of Thursday morning, there were more than 450,000 players together. What’s more, there are reports of 10,000 players waiting to join and play the game.

As the initial momentum behind “New Worlds” continues, you’ll soon be in the canon of popular online games like “Fortnite,” “PubG,” and “World of Warcraft.” Amazon may not generate revenue from e-commerce and cloud services, but unlike other entertainment divisions, Amazon Studios, they can generate money directly for the company. Chieftain. “New World” costs $39.99.

In addition, Amazon owns Twitch, a streaming video service focused on games. Popular games like “New World” are coming to Twitch to generate more interest and potential sales in addition to Amazon’s fresh digital advertising.

The “New World” is a significant step forward for Amazon. Few companies have successfully entered the industry other than traditional game publishers. For example, Google closed its game development studio earlier this year.

The initial success of “New World” was Amazon’s first major video game last year in a game called “Crucible,” which Amazon took offline just a few months after its launch in response to weak reactions from gamers. This is the exact opposite of effort. This was an embarrassment for Amazon Game Studios, which spent years developing the title. Most people in the gaming world wondered if Amazon would be a hit.

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