Zach Guilford on Netflix’s “Midnight Mass” Religious Terror

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The face of Zac Guildford is one of the first to be seen in the new Netflix series. midnight Mass, And it tunes for the next 7 hours. He’s lost, lost, and wounded, just as he played a breakthrough role as the gentle and artsy Matt Sarasen, but undeniably soulful. friday night light In a low rated horror film last winter.

new series from Hill House Haunt Mastermind Mike Flanagan sees Guilford’s Riley Flynn returning to a rural, devout Christian fishing island (the exact location is never mentioned, but a fortified code has been created in New England). New priests arrive, tensions boil between the townspeople, creating some serious drama before the supernatural elements emerge.

“I auditioned for the show, but I could only watch two scenes,” Guilford says. “All I knew was who my character was, what Mike had done before, and I was a big fan of him. That was another horror genre. I’m done.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when production stopped in March 2020, the cast only read a table. When it reopened in August, Guilford was suddenly isolated in Vancouver, losing her family and unable to attend the birth of her son. Its seriousness is reflected in her performance as Riley, who is closest to the incarnation of the audience.

“”[My wife] “I knew it was bad,” he told me. I didn’t even fold the laundry. All I had to do was wash it and throw it on the floor,” he recalls. “I’m very OCD. I do all the laundry in the house. It looks like Abercrombie & Fitch because I have a foldable board. I just escaped the floor.”

Apart from the difficult situations, this is one of the greatest performances by the 39-year-old actor in history. While cautious and gentle, he forms inspiring relationships with characters such as Kate Siegel’s Erin Green and Hamish Linklater’s father Paul. midnight Mass Flanagan. his upcoming work with midnight Club, Guilford should be strongly considered as a candidate for the top 10 positions.friday night light Cast Ranking.

The new series has been praised, GQ Talk to Guilford about what he thinks horror is special about, how the COVID-19 outage affected the show (for better or worse), and the realization of Mike Flanagan’s terrifying vision. did. netflix spoiler midnight Mass Follow us

I know there’s been a lot of talk in the media about Riley’s character, but I was shocked nonetheless.

I think it’s good. I auditioned for the show, but I could watch only two scenes. All I knew was who my character was, what Mike had done before, and I was a big fan of him. He is doing horror genre in another way. The word “horror” is a huge umbrella, and when we say it, people say “I don’t like it”, but it’s not sad. It’s not scary and can be a little scary.

it’s almost gothic..

It’s the perfect word. And I love things that make you feel uncomfortable while watching it, but their shoots are beautiful, their story and the characters they develop. [are terrific].. so I had these two scenes, and they were great scenes to audition. I knew holy crap, I wanna do this. And I don’t even know what this show is About this. [laughs] I only knew the log line, “A young monk came to a fishing village on a small island and strange things started to happen.”


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