You can pre-order the Yeezy GAP Hoodie now

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After months of Instagram leaks, the Yeezy Gap hoodie is finally here. As of this morning, the latest silhouette of the two’s ongoing partnership has officially hit Gap’s online store, and it’s annoying. Made from durable double-layer cotton, finished with a palette of dusty colors that have become the signature of the waist, this sweatshirt is an instant classic and has millions of people around the world eager to get it. Work.

If you’re already familiar with the complex deployment process of Lines, you know the practice. If you visit, you will be taken to a virtual waiting room where you will be prompted to enter your personal information. Before selecting the size setting. After that, sailing will be relatively smooth. According to the brand, the Parker’s expected wait time is about 2-3 weeks (except for the black colorway, it takes about 2 months to arrive). So, put on a new, bigger sweatshirt at the front door. Actually start dressing.

If the Yeezy Gap jacket, which falls sporadically during the summer, was a bit much for you, now you have a more familiar, real fashion history and almost certain future chance to win the GRL. (Unlike the jacket, you get a watch for $90.) And let’s face it: Cultural pedigree aside, who No Is there room in the closet to put a game-changing hoodie, especially if it’s cheaper than a Benjamin?

You can pre-order the Yeezy GAP Hoodie now

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