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If you want a perfect example of how quickly flavors change, check out Dwayne’s “The Rock” Johnson, who spent part of 2017. SNL He hosts a gig joking about his famous “Very Valuable” 1994 black turtleneck, jeans, chain, and funny packs. The joke was that the world’s most famous bald actor and former WWE Champion should be ashamed of his 1990s look. But I’m only here a few years later, and I can’t keep a collection without a turtleneck. People love funny packs now, and if I may say so, the way Johnson pushes into his shirt, there’s a sense of a special bistro vibe to it. People are really trying to dress like a rock around 1994.

But they ain’t just trying to get dressed only this The 1994 rock version, a meme. If you combined a picture of the Great One’s “Attitude Era” in a WWE ring in the late 1990s, only the Big Fit would be attacked. Long Before You Became The Face Of Under Armour, You Could Fit In Monday night And you’ll probably see The Rock move toward the ring as if he robbed a Versace store. And he was hardly alone. Take a look at some old wrestling promotion videos from when WWE was still WWF, as well as WCW, ECW, NWA, or other obsolete wrestling promotions from the 80s and 90s. More than a few exciting looks when the wrestler is given a few minutes to really be himself.

When we think of wrestlers, we usually imagine them in their ring outfits: pace and singles sweaty guys beat each other up and hold each other without compromising. But the rock outfit comes from his promotion. To build up to matches, wrestlers can discuss any dispute. In recent years, the presence of promotion has almost disappeared. It is a relic of that time. Wrestling was not very corporate and talent was given a little more space in how they presented their characters to their fans. Today, wrestlers usually spend their camera time wearing the latest shirts with their names on them due to low sales of their products. This is good for wrestlers, but not ideal for the once-great style of promo style.

The promotional look peaked in the 1980s. This is when Ric Flair sets the standard both in and out of the ring. Even if you’ve never seen him fight, you may have seen a video of a soccer player promoting Flair’s famous “Stylin’ and Profilin’.” -Trading, Limousine Riding, Jet Flying, Gun Son”, he would find it hard to hold on to Gator skin shoes. Basically, the photos and interviews with Flair in his nearly 50-year career have been a crash course in dressing up like an absolute ballerina. The base includes a custom-made suit, a gold chain around the neck, and a loafer on a leg made from some sort of reptile leather.

But going a little further than glitter, in its own subtle way, you’ll see that many of his contemporaries sported some great looks outside the ring. Some of them are protoplus-sized style icons, big guys who don’t care what you think they’re wearing, and some of them looked really cool. Arn Anderson, who stood beside Flair at the height of his career as part of the famous For Horsemen stables, is almost always overlooked in conversations of the most stylish men in wrestling. .. Maybe because he wasn’t as cheeky as his friend, or because his hair started thinning a while back, Anderson’s golden age seems fine. Like Flair, he often had a Rolex on his wrist, but a shorter (at least by wrestling standards, 6 ft 1 in), stronger man known as a “double A”, a man in a polo or T-shirt. was known in . In fact, their eyewear, aviators, or wire-fringed glasses really rocked the look. For over a decade, Anderson has been the understudy style of wrestling. Pure Cool dad was afraid of all the other dads I can see. One of Flair’s biggest rivals, Dusty Rhodes, was also the master of Promoluk. Dialing an old video of “American Dream” with the microphone, whether it’s his famous “Hard Times” speech or nearly every shot of him before the match, is a vintage of all kinds of old Hank Williams Jr. You can see the joy. Shirts, satin jackets, and lots of denim.

The subsequent WWE era, best characterized by the Tekken controls adopted by Vince McMahon, transformed the game that evolved from a 19th-century traveling amusement park into a corporate one and style. McMahon came up with a formula that would make him an exceedingly wealthy man, as Ray Kroc did with food, as Henry Ford did with his car. It’s hard to explain the formula to someone who hasn’t watched WWE for years, but the best summary is that it may change faces, but the story and the way they are presented remains the same. There is a tendency. McMahon’s products are notorious for not being “wrestling” anymore. This is “sports entertainment”. Gonzo, the stream of consciousness interview has ended and was a great fit with it. It’s all a T-shirt. The way wrestlers dress for professional wrestling isn’t on the list of things that longtime wrestling fans may be dissatisfied with coming out of WWE, but to me it’s a promotion that many of us enjoy. People have seen and grown. It completely encapsulates how boring you are.


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