The war on terrorism shifted to ‘Brainistan’

The war on terrorism shifted to 'Brainistan'

Twenty years ago, 19 of my fellow Arab Muslims launched the worst foreign attack on American soil in history. Slipping into the country legally and clearly without raising alarm bells among our intelligence and law-enforcement communities, these members of al Qaeda, a radical Islamist group bent on jihad, land two commercial airliners in New York’s World Trade Center towers. And a third plane crashed. Pentagon. Due to the actions of courageous and selfless passengers, they failed in the fourth plane. As a result, about 3,000 people were killed that day, and many more succumbed to related injuries in the years to come.

I mention all this not as a clear reminder, but to say that such a great loss to our country can be done by a small group of dedicated terrorists. Yet now, in the name of protecting the Afghan civilians who helped our military and intelligence services—and in the name of providing a better life prospect to the hundreds of thousands of people who crossed our southern border this year—we have adapted to another. Circumstances have created, probably a lot, lethal terrorist attack on America


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