The Sturtevant-based company is focused on rebuilding the modern shopping mall. Brand Avenue Studios

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The way consumers shop has changed. So what does this mean for the future of American shopping malls?

As an organization focused on improving tenants, i.e. by optimizing the existing space for the needs of both retailers and consumers, Startvent-based horizontal retail construction gives sellers and buyers a mall experience. We are in a unique position to help shape the way we do this.

The company has many years of experience in creating and renovating spaces for a wide range of entertainment, healthcare and retail customers. As a result, Horizon has the knowledge to meet the unique needs of customer-facing businesses in an increasingly unpredictable market.

Mall to a New World

Even before the pandemic, shopping malls saw a change in consumer behaviour. Many small mall operators with a business model focused on small local vendors have left their business. Those who have left, such as Simon Property Group (Holizon Client), have revamped their model to focus on luxury brands to attract high-end customers.

Even large nationwide retailers, traditionally mall staples, have reevaluated their approach to take into account the parts of the face-to-face mall experience that can’t be captured by online shopping or browsing. could.

Patrick Christensen, president of Horizon Retail Construction, said: “This means adopting a greater focus on food and drink, entertainment, and finding ways to drive consumers back to the store.”

According to consumer surveys, almost half of shoppers prefer to shop face-to-face. Their number increases significantly for products such as apparel. Face-to-face shopping offers the instant gratification of buying a home, the tactile feel of touching a product, the ability to try on apparel, and the value of face-to-face customer service.

work existing structures

Some malls may not return to their former retail glory, but the transformation of their location will still involve innovation, with horizontal retail construction at its center.

A case? Due to less grocery traffic, the number of tenants in the food court, which was a mainstay of the mall last year, has also come down. According to Christensen, the possibility of turning the existing space into a “ghost kitchen” has opened up. It is a restaurant model dedicated to online ordering and shipping that often operates on popular third-party ordering and shipping platforms.

According to Christensen, Ghost Kitchen offers another way to buy food. “We’re just starting to see them, but they’re still in their infancy. We want to be involved in building them up as soon as possible.”

Due to its easy accessibility, ample space and proximity to other retail outlets and activities, part of the mall has also been designed as an outpatient clinic. Change began before the pandemic, with CNN reporting a 60% increase in the number of mall-based healthcare facilities between 2017 and 2019. This trend is not surprising as medical facilities are expanding beyond hospitals.

Other uses of the mall advertised by Christensen include changing locations for game arenas, trampoline parks and pet day care centers.

Whatever the scope of the mall’s transformation, Christensen is confident that Horizontal Retail Construction has the knowledge to make it quick and effective.

“Our executive team is working on creating programs based on deployment for small, medium and large tenants,” he said. “We can quickly adapt to the needs of our tenants.”

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The Sturtevant-based company is focused on rebuilding the modern shopping mall. Brand Avenue Studios

Source link Sturtevant-based company focuses on remodeling modern shopping malls. Brand Avenue Studios


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