The NLCS defeat doesn’t stop Dodgers fans from wearing LA hats.

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Even when they lose, they only regret another tragic playoff defeat for the Braves. Proudly wear a Dodgers hat everywhere. Also in San Francisco.

In 2021, nothing conveys public pride quite as much as a Dodgers hat. When I see the Dodgers in the wild, especially in cities other than Southern California, I immediately feel a kinship with him, even if he doesn’t care about baseball at all. I tie the hat to everything I love about that city and all the history that comes with it. Dodgers are the easiest thing to do to unite us and talk to strangers in LA. Because, in many ways, the Dodgers are synonymous with the city itself. Sure, we love the Lakers, but the Dodgers are beyond game. The reason is the hat.

I have somewhere close to 20 of them. He is wearing four hats to celebrate his victory in the World Series last year. I have a dad hat, a mesh tracker hat, a white hat, a green Imliondre hat, and a 1959 All-Star Game replica hat with sombrero embroidery. The protagonist of the show is the interlocking white “LA” logo. It hasn’t changed much since 1958, and in 1963 it created the city’s visual identity in ways that were not possible with previous abbreviations (for example, made in this paper in 1882). Like the Yankees hat, the Dodgers hat has a simple design that represents the entire city. L and A stand together and neither letter can exist without the other.

The interlocking L and A are symbolic and a fashion statement. It can be used for everything from laptop stickers to October classics to car flags. It is simple and beautiful. In fact, it is so simple that you can repeat it with the finger that the good Lord has given you. All fashion is about telling a complete stranger who you are and where you fit in. The Dodgers hat and L.A. logo are better than any clothing you can buy.

It’s also hard to imagine LA without the Dodgers logo, but that’s rarely the case. When the O’Malley family decided to move the team from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, the most important design element that had to change was the hat’s logo. In Brooklyn, the Dodgers hat was decorated with the letter B in Gothic font. But LA asked for something new. (In the 1950s there were no “dodge” trolleys in LA.) Initially, Tim McCariff, owner of an athletic equipment company responsible for designing and manufacturing new Dodgers gear, stood on his hat. I like L’s and A’s. But the front office of the team Prefer interlocking characters.. At the time, the minor league Angels had a similar “LA”, but with slight differences. Instead of the top of the A protruding slightly, the letters are square at their tops.

The iconic status of the Dodgers version of the logo is now undeniable. Fans of the modern Major League Baseball Angels may spend time mocking the Dodgers for stealing their ancestral logo, but explaining how baseball teams playing in Anaheim may use the term “Los Angeles”. You have to spend time too. That branding. We recommend that you avoid this topic altogether.

The Dodgers logo and cap were not necessarily created to unify the city. Eventually, O’Marie needed decades of help to wipe out the entire thriving Latin community in Chavezlavín, build Dodger Stadium, and divert Latin Angelenos. But for some reason, the Dodgers hat has become a symbol of connection and collective purpose. Dodgers hats transcend cultural and social boundaries. Dodger Stadium can be distinguished by income level due to fluctuating ticket prices from one section to another, but for the same reason we are all there. It is a badge of honor to wear it when we win. When we lose, it’s a way to share a little collective pain.

My son was born on the night of Round 7 of the 2017 World Series. If you’re reading this and love the Dodgers, you already know where this is going. I wore Dodgers gear from head to toe in the delivery room. A blue Andre Escia Players Weekend jersey with the nickname “Daddy” on his back, and a Dodgers hat that rubbed off the dirt of the bullpen two years ago, especially at a drunken fanfest (to field them). before starting the charge). The night before, we made a bold decision to name our son Scully if he wins the championship. It felt fitting to remember our double blessings with a momentary decision that we might one day regret it.

Of course, by the end of the second innings, Scully wasn’t looking all that great. We went down 5-0 and my son was on the way. As soon as the uterus started contracting, the nurse kindly asked us to leave the game. “I think it’s the best,” I murmured. I was equally excited to meet my son, but I was almost as happy to remember the bottom half of the ninth inning.

I kept my jersey and hat on all night like a shroud. The nurses and canteen staff happily celebrated the birth of my baby, but stopped whenever I saw the Dodgers hat. “Sorry, it’s a tough game,” he’d say. “Maybe next year.”

After a year of little contact with each other, we finally broke up and won the World Series in 2020. Still, Dodgers Hat was able to break down the barriers we had to build to rebuild ourselves as a city. Instead of hugging or shaking hands with a stranger, I pointed to the simple logo on the hat. That’s all.

Dave Schilling is a fashion writer, comedian and viewer whose work has been published in The New Yorkers, Guardians, New York Magazine and GQ... He is also the host of the “Galaxy Brains” podcast.

The NLCS defeat doesn’t stop Dodgers fans from wearing LA hats.

Source Link The NLCS defeat doesn’t stop Dodgers fans from wearing L.A. hats.


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