The Awakening New York Universe Just Continues to Expand

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Founded by designer and longtime Best Veterinarian Angelo Beck, Awake NY has refined its production over successive seasons. Changing streetwear brands are increasing the diversity of their collections, but perhaps unsurprisingly, their vision is clear. Proof Awake is in NY’s sprawling, just-dropped fall/winter season, marking its first collaboration with Vans’ beloved sneaker maker.

Awake’s early collections were often logo-printed or screen-printed or embroidered on heavily edited sets of colorful staples such as hoodies, T-shirts, caps and beanies. In other words, it’s a typical streetwear suspect. However, Bach and his team leveled up each season and expanded their collection to include less-expected items like graphic trench coats, artistic flannels, and vibrant bomber jackets. This latest collection, now available from the brand’s online shop, is the strongest collection ever. Double breasted overcoats, mohair sweaters and streetwise suits are available. In addition, there are many graphic T-shirts and sweatshirts. It’s a snapshot of how the people who are into streetwear today want to dress. It comes from a designer who’s excited to see mainstream fashion fabrics go their way.

This season also commemorates the introduction of the first Awake NY X Vans sneakers. This is Van’s classic checkerboard with a very saturated twist. In collaboration with Footlooker’s Greenhouse Project, the Sk8-Hi is painted with wax-resistant dyes, giving it a truly eye-catching shade with a digitally printed pattern. You can choose from a total of three different colorways. On top of the spinning sneakers, we have a lookbook featuring rapper Westside Gun and the happy knowledge that the project will also be donating to two New York-based charities. (The Vans x Awake NY Sk8-Hi collection will be dropped through Awake on October 15th and will be distributed through other retailers next week.)

Courtesy of Jason Lewis / Awake New York

Streetwear will know Bach’s name from his decades of running in Die Hard Supreme. Distancing itself from the world’s biggest streetwear brand certainly sees the next venture countless times. In other words, you have to deliver the goods. Thanks to Beck, Awake NY did just that, and emerged from the beginning into a defined universe. Since then, the brand has only advanced and the universe has expanded. Especially in this season it is quite a sight.

The Awakening New York Universe Just Continues to Expand

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