Thanks to the menswear brand, LA . There is a Japanese summer house in the middle of

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Back in April, a few days before a change of clothes minari Lee Isaac Chung, director of the Academy Awards and founders of up-and-coming L.A. label The Good Fight, Caleb Lin, Julia Chu, Calvin Nguyen and Christina Chow, said GQ has two major goals for 2021. own retail location. As of last Friday, the quartet can officially remove both items from their todo list, thanks to Goodfight’s newly launched Everyday Technology pop-up shop, which celebrates the brand’s new capsule collection of the same name.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the airy and sunny space features a minimalist wooden structure designed to resemble a traditional Japanese summer house. “In the countryside, old-style Japanese homes with wraparound decks are common. [used as] It’s a kind of social space,” Lynn explains. “Many of us aren’t currently able to travel, so we encourage people to come and explore, do some shopping, sit and recuperate ourselves.” The entire Everyday Technology line, consisting of kind and noble essentials like button-ups, basketball shorts, T-shirts and trousers, is designed with Goodfight’s signature wit and attention to detail.

Courtesy of Good Fight
Courtesy of Good Fight

@GQRecommends In the latest episode of #ShopTalk on Instagram, the Goodfight team took us on a tour of the Everyday Technology pop-up. This pop-up is currently open until October 19th at 311S Roadway in Los Angeles. You can’t go straight, but you can buy the entire capsule on the Goodfight website. It includes all the outstanding teams listed below.

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Goodfight Office Oversized Shirt

We here at GQ have become huge shirt junkies lately and Goodfight definitely got a note. One of two new signature button-ups, the office shirt features a fully tailored shoulder area that flows seamlessly into a drapery that fits comfortably in the lower position.

good fight runner shorts

These highly versatile above-the-knee shorts feature a mesh lining for increased coverage and an interior pocket specially designed to prevent your phone or wallet from falling out or being attractively worn. Growth.

Good Fight Flo Rida Denim

The Good Fight sees your blue jeans grow you Purple.. The beautiful Japanese denim is cut into a flattering wide-leg silhouette with tapered ankles and features a convenient hidden loop around the waist if you’re interested in a belt-like full lace.

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Good Fight Ball Chain Necklace Good Art HLYWD

Each season, The Good Fight team collaborates with Jewelery Sawant of Good Art HLWYD to create a line of playfully crafted products like this ball chain necklace upgraded to 925 silver.

GoodfightX Textile Terrarium Potted T-Shirt

Goodfight has partnered with Textile Terrarium on these trippy new T-shirts that reflect designer Cory San Agustin’s love for plants.

Thanks to the menswear brand, LA . There is a Japanese summer house in the middle of

Thanks for the source link Menswear Brand, LA . There is a Japanese summer house in the middle of


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