“Success” Season 3 Means Shibu’s Power Pants Are Back

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obscene money. family drama. Lots of scams. The HBO series “Succession”, which begins its third season on October 17th, has provided viewers with a lot of excitement since its premiere in 2018. But secret ties and corporate cover-ups don’t captivate us like Siobhan’s transformation into “Shiva” Roy. Over the course of two seasons, Shiva, the only daughter of mogul Logan Roy, went from soft-haired progressive to a dull bob power player and Wester abandoned his political career in pursuit of Lucco’s throne, and costume designer Michelle Maitland confirmed that his wardrobe reflected that change.

In Season 1, Shiva (Sarah Snook) clings to softer colored workwear (often Theory) and Veronica-Lake-inspired hair, which provides a visual counter-measure to the harsh edges of the other characters. .. her aesthetics were friendly, but they were drawn together. Ambitious but achievable. Maitland said it is understandable for a politician to underestimate his impossible wealth for a working character.

“Success” Season 3 Means Shibu’s Power Pants Are Back

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