Stella McCartney channels mushrooms at the Trippy Paris show | entertainment

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PARIS (AP) – Stella McCartney’s virus-conscious show was shown to a fraction of the general Paris audience. But that didn’t dampen her energy or celebrity pull.

Paul McCartney stunned his designer daughter among a crowd of guests, including Demi Moore and Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, who spoke to the Associated Press about their environmental concerns.

Here are some highlights from Monday’s Spring 2022 collection:

To talk about the environment, Stella McCartney used the idea of ​​a mushroom, nature’s brave survivor. It was also a spring-board for the appearance of myriad hallucinations.

This collection, one of the season’s best, was ripe with energy and vibrant designs.

The mushroom theme was employed creatively: botanical prints painted on light organdy, with a palette mixing natural bright colors with earthy browns. The durable leather bags were, – the house said, also made from mycelium – the fungal material that breaks down organic matter.

But the best part of the performance came when McCartney deviated from this vegetable theme. The judo belt flapping around loose white pants that sporty piping is borrowed from the astronaut cooling tube.

Stella McCartney channels mushrooms at the Trippy Paris show | Entertainment Source Link Stella McCartney Channel Mushrooms at Trippy Paris Show | entertainment


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