“Squid Game” Is Your New Netflix Obsession

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Things are so bad now, so bad in fact that a surprising number of people have turned to dark and violent psychological thrillers as their favorite form of escapism. squid game, The new Korean TV series has the potential to become Netflix’s “greatest show ever” and is already the most popular non-English show ever. Inspired by writer/director Hwang Dong-hyuk, Lee Jung-jae, Park Hye-soo and Jeong Ho-young, appeared as desperate people on the edge of society, 45.6 billion ($38.7 million).

The show is a deep critique of capitalism, reflecting the despair that people face in the face of catastrophic debt. Failed six rounds of games such as Red Light, Green Light, tug of war, and the famous Squid Game (fans played it when young and said it was the best analogy of “modern competitive society”). People are eliminated and the pool of money for the rest of the players increases.

squid game Not only has it been well received by critics, but there have also been many comparisons with both dystopian survival films, including: hunger games When battle royale, not like social satire parasites When Sorry to bother you. The Flood commented, “It’s like meeting X and Y!” Talking fans disappointed. Diversity About wanting to make a show that reflects how he would feel if he participated in something like this.

“I wanted to write a parable or parable story about modern capitalist society. It shows extreme competition like extreme competition in life. But I met in real life. I wanted you to use this kind of character ,” explained the fans. “As a survival game, it is an entertainment and a human drama.”

The show’s most slick and gruesome twist sets it apart from many of the films with similar themes. in hell, ” squid game In the second episode, it became clear that the majority of players could leave the game if they voted. But after a 101–100 gap returns them to their harsh day-to-day reality, most of them choose to return to competition for life-changing wealth opportunities rather than suffer from the wrath of poverty. ..

“where should I go?” One character makes the group miserable. “There’s no chance.” I’ll do it here. “

squid game The Rat Race prosecution is a way to dehumanize successful people as well as leave many behind, and is the latest in a series of powerful actions in which fans tackle real social issues. .. his first characteristic, my father, It was about a young soldier’s affair with his real father, a scandalous murderer in a dysfunctional prison cell. His second film, crucible, Inspired by what an actual sexual abuse teacher did to a student at a deaf school. It caused huge outrage in South Korea, garnered massive box office revenue, and urged the government to abolish the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors and persons with disabilities.

Improved lead performance and excellent set design squid game Beyond the reluctant dystopian fare (the show actually shows some sloppy, effects-driven and boring mortal engine or 2017 customization Ghost in the Shell) Lee Jung Jae’s sweet and forever childish Song Ki-hoon is the perfect embodiment for the audience in this cruel world. Park Hye Soo Plates Cho Sang Woo with a quiet dignity that unravels when the stakes go up.


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