Seinfeld is finally on Netflix, but there’s a problem

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if you were always thinking about it next door seinfeld I could see all the sweat beads on George Costanza’s head and the ultra-sophisticated frills on Jerry’s puffy shirt, which lacked jaggedness and crisp resolution, so when the show arrives on Netflix in 4K I’m sure you’ll be fine. But if your favorite show is… jokes… you’ll probably be dissatisfied with the decision to release in a 16:9 aspect ratio and cut some of the visual gags in your beloved series.

The sitcom’s long-announced arrival at Netflix, set in impressive New York, was unveiled on October 1, and fans soon noticed the change in presentation. in the beginning anger was focused In the Season 8 episode “The Pothole”, George loses his key in a paved pit. As you can imagine, it is very important to see the pits in the title, but in Netflix this is completely eliminated by the tuned aspect ratio. other shots Jerry’s Apartment Core 4 Characters This was shared as proof of the unique look of the show.

The streaming service has spent an astonishing $500 million on the NBC classic to ensure it remains the destination people love to watch comfortably for 22 minutes, after losing both. Friend When The Office in the last few years. next door seinfeld With so much love to be had, people are furious for being ranked as the third best sitcom of all time, earning billions of dollars from re-runs in the 2010s.

Fans pointed out that this is not a new issue, as the show was. When was the wide screen on Hulu?However, the move to the service caused another problem. Some People Are Especially Concerned About One of the Definitive Shows of the ’90s Looks like that time now (Though the wardrobe still makes it quite obvious).

next door seinfeld Originally shot at 4:3, this is the boxer framing that was used until widescreen television became common. As The Verge reported, the 16:9 iteration of the show is the only thing we have in HD and explains why it was Netflix’s choice. next door seinfeld Die Hard wanted 4K tech to be created by “re-scanning the film with the highest quality possible”. This is an expensive process that provides a version of the show in both high quality and the original aspect ratio.

ns a twitter userShots are planned to be 4:3, “It’s not as easy as re-scanning film, as the outside of the frame is often the edges like the set, boom mic, lights and crew. I didn’t shoot it at full size.” , and it was a ridiculous cost to do it anyway.”

This is not the first time that a streaming giant has brought a popular show on the platform in a way that leaves fans angry. When Disney+ puts out simpson Also, it had an aspect ratio of 16:9 instead of 4:3. That is, many jokes have failed (and entire cottage industries have sprung up for websites that explain how to change the aspect ratio). Eventually, Disney+ added the ability to change aspect ratios, but only a few months later. simpson issued. Netflix found a loophole with an animated show in August 2020 legend of photoshop If the frame rate is too fast, strange movements will occur.

Last year, Charlie Kaufman i am thinking of working It was released by Netflix at 4:3, but the writer-director told DAZED that he feared viewers might think the TV had a problem and needed to be persuaded to allow it. Growth. “”[We] It turns out that there were some tensions in 4:3 that were not in the wider ones. It made it feel more anxious and claustrophobic,” he said. 4:3 has some recent popular releases. Lighthouse, Aida, When Grand Budapest Hotel, Shows a possible return to the genre.

Given the widespread dismay, Netflix has a good chance of rectifying the situation with a 4:3 alternative like Disney+. But until then, Kramer has taken care of Jerry’s apartment and rocked the look, saying, “The ratio is Error!! “


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