Ryan Gosling calms down with TAG Heuer

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keep it simple.
I usually deal with simple things.

What type of watch were you attracted to by the tag? reason?
In short, Monaco is something you cannot miss. This is very unique. I remember seeing this le manso Obviously I feel very special. But for me Carrera is what I react to.

And you really like vintage watches too. What are you really attracted to about vintage?
The good thing is that I could put it in any position or period of the last century and I think it was still good. So, anyway, I need something that I can wear in any situation and don’t have to think much about it.

You said that the watch sometimes says or defines something about the characters of the film. in this movie gray man All the characters you come across are wearing TAG Heuer. So were those watches suitable for those characters?
Characters need to be able to fall into different situations, mingle with different individuals, and engage in so many extreme action moments. Therefore, the watch had to operate in these various scenarios and be elastic enough to reliably accept all the extreme conditions in which it was. ..

This is good. TAG Heuer also has a great history of representing different characters. Steve McQueen chooses Monaco le manso Because that’s the brand the real driver would have been wearing.
yes and Run, I thought I wouldn’t trust the burner car watch the character is using. So he put the watch on the handle. And I wanted it to be really simple and easy to read so that it was clear how much time was spent, not only for the camera but also for the character.

and partially Run, The tag refers to you as the clear successor to Steve McQueen. What do you think when you hear this?
I’m not sure about Steve McQueen. I mean, I know a little bit about his work. And obviously I know his connection to the race so I can see why he’s a perfect fit. At the same time, I think there is something in the watch… no matter what its history, it is always present. They are always just that moment. And I think that’s what McQueen had as an actor. He was a very transient kind of actor.

Now, let the clock pivot for 1 second. You are flying under the radar. How have you been in the pandemic for the past year and a half? Do you have any hobbies? Are you making sourdough or something?

No, there is no sour. Since our children are young, it was a difficult time being unable to see my family away from the other children. So we tried our best to entertain them. I think Eva and I took more action in quarantine than in our entire careers.

Is it really a bedtime drama story with voice etc?
Yes, we spent a lot of time doing it.

Ryan Gosling calms down with TAG Heuer

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