Paris Fashion Week enters its second day. entertainment

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Paris Fashion Week is back – it’s been a year, mostly digital. And it’s the petrol-intensive courier who travels all the way through Paris and personally delivers unprecedented, often handcrafted show invites.

The age of email and growing environmental awareness doesn’t leave a big mark on the fashion industry’s age-old invitation system. Top homes are competing for the wackiest or most imaginative ideas. This is often a clue about the theme of runway collections.

Valentino’s invitation included an image of a Parisian cafe, a model and an artistic slide of a piece of French poetry.

The Yves Saint Laurent was a Black Snake leather holster with a gold metal embossed “YSL” logo. The initials of the invited guests were also highlighted in gold.

Courages 60 years old and sporty

Courreges’ Space Age Home, which celebrates its 60th wedding anniversary, has been revitalized with the introduction of its latest classy collection from designer, Nicolas DiFelis.

In a season that looks like the 1960s, the brand that defined the generation, founded in 1961 by André Courages and his wife Kokarin, may be having that moment.

Slim silhouettes and retro mini dresses of the era were shining brightly on Wednesday. Combining with the distinctive sparkle of the space age – found in wading boots that have made a very sexy statement.

Paris Fashion Week enters its second day. entertainment

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