New Girl is still the best TV show about male friendships

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new lady I got it all. The real theme of producer Elizabeth Meriweather’s shows often seemed to be men living with and dispelling their delusions. It’s never too late to talk about the coming-of-age ceremony.

There are many examples throughout the series. All men suffer from being raised or abandoned by bad fathers. Jake Johnson’s Nick is overdrinking. Schmidt is a former fat child narcissist who is paranoid about sex with OCD. Winston is a gullible lover and seems unable to be together. Coach is a big kid. But there is one episode in particular, the fifth episode of the second season, “Models”. It captures the power of men and their feelings, and deep friendships, on television better than ever.

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It starts with something quite simple. Schmidt walks over to Nick and says that he has given him a cookie. Nick was confused about the gift and asked if his friend had anything extra and decided to give it to him. Schmidt tells him no. “I was thinking of you,” he says. This makes the nick spiral. He is her friend, another man, Thinking Their. The idea is surveillance, and even worse, weakness. This is not a gift. Nick tells Schmidt that he never thinks about her. Everything gets messed up. In the B-plot, Jess and Cese, who have been friends since childhood, fight, recognize feelings, fight and make up the difference. Nick, on the other hand, can’t even get a gift from his friend, if it’s not a nuisance.

There are many things in Nick and Schmidt’s friendship that we get to know in this episode. Met in college. Nick was a gentle stoner with a linen necklace, and Schmidt was still awkward and kind. They are inseparable, and Nick even says that his roommate’s 10th anniversary is coming up. Schmidt has a lot of feelings for Nick. Nick actually turned out to be one of Schmidt’s first and only friends. Nick, on the other hand, has feelings, but he bottles them up until they stream at the end of the episode. It’s totally okay for boys to love and accept each other, and we see Nick learn the lesson. Everything is sweet catharsis and the best of the many examples of people thinking stupid masculine ideas are part of our culture. You might expect it these days, but ten years ago I thought it was disastrous on network TV.

ns new lady After seven seasons, I realized that this was probably the last roommate sitcom I watched in real time as a kind of companion. They were neither new children nor large families. Only a 30-something is trying to make it the next stage of their life, hopefully a little better and happier. This was the last sitcom that I felt was really related to the topic I was looking for. I think that’s also what makes the show so special that it kept me from understanding the astrology chart for my character. After ten years of watching it again, the only answer I could give was “I belong to everyone”.

New Girl is still the best TV show about male friendships

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