My Lost Las Vegas Weekend with Norm McDonald

Texas News Today

Norm looked a little tired, but was still making fun of the whole thing. “Without the money, this would have been a good game to watch.”

We met in the morning and agreed to make a final stand with the remaining $3,000.

next day, lunch At Mirage Coffee Shop, Noam and I made a plan. He started making small bets on blackjack and started his journey back to solvency. It seemed like a good idea until Norm lost his patience and reached for three hands. $3,000 was gone before the dealer split the shoe parts.

Norm looked thrashed and headed to his suite. When I met him there, he suggested, “Lend me $10,000.”

“Gnome, I don’t have that kind of money.”

“Please use an ATM card.”

“Sorry, there is no additional $10,000 fee. Would you like to use your card?”

“I didn’t have to. I wouldn’t bring it to Las Vegas anymore.”

Then he asked, “How about prepaying your credit card?”

“I don’t think my credit card is set up for encashment.”

“Yes. All credit are cards.”

This is not a big situation. But I felt guilty. He probably wouldn’t have blown $40,000 if we didn’t talk about it. So I agreed to call Visa and see if I could get the cash. Surprisingly, I found out that $50,000 was available. However, I was still not good at borrowing money, so I was able to lend it to Norm Macdonald for gambling.

Norm called a common friend and said, “How can I make money? I want to get down and play. Kaplan clearly doesn’t trust me. For $1,000, I can at least play poker.”

It was not a matter of trust. I was sure Norm would back me. lacked comfort in lending $10,000 to Any.. but what about $1,000? “Well, gnome,” I said, “I’ll lend you a thousand.”

He immediately hung up the phone and we went to the poker room. I took out the land from the ATM and sent it to Norm. He ran a $40/$80 Texas Hold’em game. I sat beside the poor $3/$6. With a few hands up, Norm came and said that the $40/$80 table was full. “I’m going to clap,” he told me enchanted. “Let’s see you in 3 minutes.”

Almost faithful to his words, Norm was back in eight minutes. “Oh, well,” she told me. “I bet $1,000 and won. Then I doubled until I ran it to $8,000. Then I bet TableMax. [$5,000] and lost. Then I bet the remaining $3,000 and lost it. “

“Did you put all your money at stake?” I asked, a little incredulously, to focus on poker.

“Yes,” he said. “That’s what I always do at the end of the trip. But if you lend me $10,000, I’ll do it for at least 30, and I’ll still play.”

Was I feeling like a little sissy because I didn’t give her $10,000 earlier? Yes.

Did he run it up to $30,000 and $100,000 thinking he could lose everything in no time? Yes.

If he thought he was a very knight, would I lend him the full $10,000?

As if reading my heart, Noam said, “I didn’t want to bet $5,000 all at once. At the time, I thought you’d never lend me money.”


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