Mary Tomanova: The Most Stylish Book Party I’ve Ever Seen

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Many photographers show a clear view every time a picture is taken. Juergen Teller is seen blinking at his subject, with one eye closed and a timid smile on his face. Ryan McGinley looks deep, cool and calm. But when Mary Tomanova turns to the viewfinder, she does so with the widest smile you’ve ever seen.

On Wednesday night, at Dashwood Books, a young Czech expat smiled from ear to ear for three consecutive hours to celebrate the launch of a new monograph. New York, NY.. Outside the shop, which was filled with the many young and beautiful faces found on the pages of his book, people lined up to sign the book. (Tomanova’s first, young american, published in 2019, quickly became a collector’s item. ) New York A portrait of the city’s new faces, including the kids, skaters, musicians, models and artists from the Zoomer Club who carved the southern scene of Delancy Street. Some are caught in a quiet moment in the bedroom, while others meet on the street, at an art opening, or at a party. And while some of the photos are barely or completely unclothed, the book is at the center of an intense celebration of a generation that is finding itself in its own individual style and radical expression.

At Dashwood, several of the book signing participants appeared to be dressed as Tomnovas. In short, he looked cool and casual just like himself. When Tomanova signed the book, crowds of fans, young and old, congregated on the sidewalk. Renowned street photographer Alan Levitt was there to record the scene and Mary’s energetic smile. — —samuel hein

Thomas Beachdale and Mary Tomanova.
Tasila Santiago and Carla del Orbe
Remi Holwick and Adrian Hartad.
alana farrell
Alana Farrell and Mary Tomanova.
Zappa Nguyen, Vivian Donn, Niger Neil, DeAndre Andrews.
Mark Ludwigsen.
Cameron Shoe Slur
David “Shady” Perez.
John Tietz and Isaac Hindin-Miller.
Kate Vitamins.
Loso and Isabel Palma
kiernan costello
Kiwi Hayek and Nicolo Mazzo.
Ayana Toychubekova, Andromeda Hewson, Lukasz Leza, Julie Stark and Polly Cherveny.
Danvis World and Andymo.
Lloyd Wines.
Scott Nguyen and Stephanie Tran
Masato Onoda.
Bella Borsodi and Quai de Graft-Johnson.
Polly Chaveney and Julie Stark.
of Luisao Palace and Shane Gambhir.
Stein Yun and Nikita Kobyalov.
Michelle Hebinian.

Mary Tomanova: The Most Stylish Book Party I’ve Ever Seen

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