Liz Weston: How a lack of toys affects your vacation | Bollywood

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Another option: handmade gifts. If you’re not crafty, you can buy wooden toys, plush toys and other handmade options online at creative markets such as craft trade fairs, farmers markets, and Etsy. These can be expensive, but the quality and attractiveness justify the cost. Furthermore, it benefits individuals and small businesses, not retail giants.

Giving experiences can be another great option, especially for teenagers. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have found that children between the ages of 3 and 12 prefer material gifts, and older children get more pleasure from the experience. Researchers have found that teens develop memory and can remember details of events, which contribute to lasting well-being. According to the researchers, sharing photos and videos of the event can be helpful, but young children have a hard time remembering and appreciating past experiences.

Experiences include rock climbing and trampolines near gyms, mini golf courses, and amusement parks. Travel; Or lessons to encourage or nurture specific interests such as horseback riding, coding, baking, etc. Tickets for sporting events, concerts and shows are usually optional, but these may not be possible or desirable during a pandemic.

Speaking of memories, try it with your kids. Ask your kids about their favorite gifts from last year, a year ago, or a year ago. Even teens with well-developed memories may have a hard time remembering past gifts.

Liz Weston: How a lack of toys affects your vacation | Bollywood

Source Link Liz Weston: How Toy Shortage Affects Your Vacation | Bollywood


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