Jimmy Butler easily eats and drinks with Mark Wahlberg

Texas News Today

What do you like best about coffee?

The fact that you have something in common with someone who always drinks coffee. You just have to sit and understand what it is. If you’re in a coffee shop and drinking, you have something in common with everyone there. It got me thinking, with all that hate that people all over the world have, what do you get with a cup of coffee, not just sit and insist on what you don’t want to understand? Mango? People will find that there are more similarities than differences.

Another part I love is that it comes from all over the world. There are many ways to add affogato to ice cream, including hot, cold, latte, Americano and cortado. There is a lot to do and a lot to learn to make it happen. Drinking coffee with people can bring a lot of wisdom.

What kind of food do you like in the off season?

I don’t eat this type of ham much in the off-season. We always have this discussion here: What is the difference between a noisy eater and a normal eater??? I guess I’m just a simple eater. All I want is chicken, potatoes and some kind of green vegetables. I make noises sometimes, but I don’t get in the way of indulging in something like grain-coated French toast. If you want to eat French toast, all you need is plain French toast.

But whenever I am abroad or in different countries, I am on the side of the culture. I don’t eat lean beef or pork. As long as it isn’t, I have. I want to get to know as many different cultures as possible, so I eat anything from the sea nearby. But I’m crazy about it Get 5 of These Alcoholic Beverages Just because I don’t do it during the season.

So are you eating simple food?

If I could eat rice, chicken, beans, lettuce and avocado every day with a meal like chipotle, I would. Put the rice in a bowl and you’ll have turkey minced meat, mashed chicken, beans and avocado, and I’m fine. Wraps of all kinds. I love fruit and chicken salads. I can eat it every day and that’s fine. It’s all I care about how [my trainer] James Scott eats cold oats every morning. I don’t know how to do it, but when I think about it, I do the same thing morning and day. I think my chef always does a great job of mixing it up and cooking up different types of rice, beans, and vegetables in different ways. AND: It must have an avocado, otherwise I can’t eat it.

What was it like to charge the entire off-season after a short break from bubble to last season?

I am healthy now, that meant a lot. I was so overwhelmed at the end of last season and last season. To be honest, it’s not an excuse right now. But now I am healthy and my heart is fine. I was able to travel in the dominoes and beat them all, so it was decided this was the best. This is a big deal and I am happy. I think the biggest thing is to find your happiness. You have to love what you are doing, and I do. You must love those who have the opportunity to be you, and I do. You have to love work and grind too, and I do. I am ready to start this season.


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