J.Crew’s Latest New Balance Sneakers Inspired From Impossible Sources

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J. Crew has always been a wonder of the brand to cherry pick from the type that perfectly complements the wide range of menswear. In the early 2010s, the wood-panel shop was one of the few places you could buy the kind of hard-to-find labels that were enthusiastically discussed in some corners of the blogosphere. (It still stocks a longtime favorite blockbuster list from the era, which includes Alden and Barber.)

However, no brand can be as closely related to the heyday of retailers as New Balance. Boston-based sneaker giant J.J. Crew has been working with us since 2010. Launching their vast world of menswear, the retailer has developed several New Balance collaborations to solidify its position as a rare big box chain with a well-defined perspective.

New Balance xJ.Crew 992NY Sneakers

For a partnership of over a decade, the two have shown no signs of slowing down. Today, they’re debuting the gently-tuned 992, another sneaker inspired by the Big Apple, but it’s not quite as you might think. For example, instead of looking at the rich architectural heritage of America’s most famous island, both brands looked at five wards, focusing on New York’s often-forgotten outdoor attractions. All sneakers were made in partnership with New Balance’s Made in USA subline (the same Teddy Santis from Aim Leon Dorr was tapped to run earlier this year), but premium suede and outdoor tick lace.

Photo courtesy of J.Crew
Photo courtesy of J.Crew

So if you have plans for a trip to the Catskills in the near future, or if you just want to dress like yours, it’s best to run STAT. Anything working with the two hasn’t stuck around for too long, and we consistently suspect this release will be no exception.

The New Balance x J.Crew will be available at 992 NY online and at select J.Crew stores starting today, October 9, for $175.

J.Crew’s Latest New Balance Sneakers Inspired From Impossible Sources

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