In The Wheel of Time, “Amazon’s Giant Bet on the Next Game of Thrones”

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not long ago 40 km from Prague, the mine contained a carefully constructed mock city called Two Rivers. Then, a few days ago, the Amazon maker and set dresser wheel of time burnt it. The City Inn, an intricately constructed double-decker building, is now black and has fallen into sharp rubble on the left. The smoke machine gives the impression that it is still smoldering. The ceiling has holes and well broken beams. All the houses inside and outside the house are quite scorched which is visible in the camera. The actors who wander in two rivers are made to join. starring Rosamund Pike gone Girl, It is dirty with soot. It started raining heavily, and extras and stuntmen trembled as they gathered on the muddy road. Michael McElhatton who played Roose Bolton game of Thrones Tam plays a character named Altoro time wheel, I wore a big down jacket on the stump in the middle and didn’t see anything in particular.

This is November 2019. The film is made up of hundreds, and in some cases around 1,000, the endings of the first episode of the television show that everyone craves. 8? Fantastic, sensational and ubiquitous show game of Thrones it used to be. On one side of the green, the camera is mounted on a tall dolly truck. Another cameraman follows the scene and shoots various close-ups. The episode’s veteran television director Utah Brissewitz casts the show’s four main cast of relatively unknown young actors in countless moments: the Pike character, a woman with mysterious powers. Arrived to wake them up and set them on the way. “Your life won’t be what you expected it to be,” Pike noises as the various cameras surround him. Pike is explained to both the character and the audience and gives several heavy speeches. “Can you do another?” She asks Brisewitz, apologizing for the extras scattered around. “I think people have a little bit of a fake.”

In the end, Breisewitz called it a “cut.” The pike retreats from the weather and moves to a nearby tent. “It’s not like working with David Fincher,” she tells me. gone Girl The director’s preference for shooting 70-take sequences. Production is huge and it is progressing at warp speed. Pike needs to know things back and forth. He has to step out of his line while dozens of crew members and background actors get wet in the cold rain and the real live horses wander off. edge of the shot. The actual buildings in all directions, as well as some hollow façades set up to create the impression of reality, are vast and immersive and will not continue beyond this episode.

i want to make next game of Thrones?? this is the beginning. Viewers have become accustomed to a kind of scale, realism, which creeps into reality. “Not that we can say” Oh, you know, game of Thrones, Season 1, He Only Spent This “” Executive Producer Mike Weber time wheel, for telling. “Audience expectations are far from the last season” game of Thrones, Not the first season. for the first season of throne, HBO spent about $6 million on episodes, and that number has grown steadily from there. with amazon wheel of time?? They start with a reported over $10 million per episode, eight in total, and the first streaming will begin in November.

In The Wheel of Time, “Amazon’s Big Bet on the Next Game of Thrones”

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