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Our seasons follow a cycle. Now we are in the season of death.

The days get shorter, the air clears and the leaves change. Food is planted and animals are born in the spring. It sprouts in the summer, harvests in the fall, and dies in the winter. It is no coincidence that in many cultures around the world Death ceremonies and ceremonies at this time of year. Halloween is a staple in the United States. But for many Southern Californians, it’s diadem Altos season.

The holiday has its roots in Aztec culture before the arrival of the Spanish colonists and the Roman Catholic Church.

“The Aztecs praised the dead in ceremonies and ceremonies during the harvest season, and they saw death as the beginning of a new life and a new cycle,” he said this Saturday. said Angie Jimenez, Altar program director for Diadem Altos at Hollywood Forever.

Catholics have a habit of absorbing holidays in the liturgical year. Saturnalia trees were made for Christmas, and rabbits and eggs were made for Easter. It’s just like what happened in Mexico on this holiday. Diadem Ertos is on 1st and 2nd November. It is no coincidence, but Catholic All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

“Edition [Día de Muertos] It has been in existence for thousands of years. However, there has come a version that we are familiar with. Like much of Mexico, it is a mixture of indigenous traditions and Catholic Church traditions,” said Lalo Alcalas, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated political cartoonist. Oscar winning Pixar film “Coco”. “Mexico is good at mixing things up.”

if you go

Hollywood Forever Diadem Altos

What: Altars, art, food, competitions etc.
When: 30 October. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for family events. Nightly programs are from 5 pm to midnight.
Where: Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., LA 90038
Cost: $40 to $200
Information and tickets: female

Today, Diadem Artos is celebrated by Roman Catholics and many others in Mexico and the United States. Since the 1970s, artist group Self Help Graphics and Art held a public festival in Los Angeles, it has made a comeback in Southern California. In 2017, “Coco” helped introduce a new generation to its beliefs and symbolism.

Holidays come from a cultural standpoint that moves death to the next stage rather than the last. Death doesn’t necessarily have to be sad or scary. Like everything else, there are seasons and cycles in our lives. In Dia de Muertos, the souls who left in the next season had the opportunity to return and be with those they loved. You can’t share the same area all year round, but you can share dinner and drinks.

People always say, “What is Mexican and death?” Mexicans are facing death,” Alcaraz said. Celebrating Dia de los Muertos is “a healthy way to connect with our ancestors, honor them, and keep ourselves in line.”

In contrast, many Americans are very awkward about death.

Tok Thompson is a professor of anthropology at USC and his work focuses on folklore, mythology, and indigenous groups. “We don’t have a good relationship with death in the United States,” Thompson said. “And that’s not true everywhere. You can really tell the difference between a bad death when people die young and a good death when they are surrounded by their families at age 95…. Modern American Culture In. There is no concept of a “good death.”

We encourage you to overcome this and move on, not dwelling in the past. Dia de Muertos asks us to do the opposite: remember our loved ones, visit and greet their graves, and the love that they and we still feel for them. Celebrate.

One way to do this is to use an altar or off-render.

Incense can represent a transformation from the physical to the supernatural.

(Nick Agrow / For the Times)

How to do an off-render

You can build altars in your home for relatives, friends, people who are meaningful to you (authors, celebrities, or other people you didn’t know personally), or to celebrate a group of people. .. .. Last year, an altar was built for the victims of COVID-19. Alkaraz said he hopes to meet more people this year.

The altar is a portal for people to return to the living world, and in 2006 was the first altar (altar designer and teacher) to participate in the Hollywood Forever program and see her mother and learn how to make an altar. One Eldokurus said. His childhood home in Oaxaca. (The interview with Cruz was conducted in Spanish and translated into English by Caron García.) Different regions and families may decorate them in different ways. There’s really no “wrong” way to build your altar, as it’s exactly what you do in your space and in your home, but there are elements to keep in mind and try to incorporate.

Time and Place. Making an altar should be an occasion for family celebrations. “When we build an altar, we often do it together, so it’s a happy time to design an altar together and remember a loved one. It connects us.” This is you. You don’t need to be in a special place in your home, and your altar doesn’t need its own dedicated table. Corners of tables and shelves serve.

Element. You want to express what Cruz called “the elements of life: water, air, fire and earth”. As for water, it can be water to quench the thirst of souls after their journey, or sometimes a favorite drink of the deceased. The wind may be represented by the papel picado, a colorful cutout banner that flutters in the wind. The candles represent the fire and light the path leading the soul to the altar. Earth is represented by fruit, soil, flowers, especially calendula, or marigold. They are considered “flowers of the dead”. Because flowers die as soon as they are cut. It is a metaphor for the journey from the living area to the dead zone. Kopal (sunshine) represents the transformation from the physical to the supernatural.

Not all altars have them, but there are some other things to consider:

  • Cruz said that he is always making sure that his altar incorporates an arch shape somewhere to create a physical portal for the soul to enter our world. In some parts of Mexico, the altar has several levels or stages, but in the hometown of Oaxaca it is a single stage.
  • Some altars have small plates and salt bowls, which in Catholicism may symbolize God’s protection and are traditionally used to protect the body during its journey from life to death. was there.
  • Some prefer to incorporate more religious elements, including crosses.
  • Some parts of Mexico use sugar skulls to introduce children to the holiday and the idea that the dead and the dead can be celebrated rather than feared.

Souvenir. Put up pictures of people you want to remember or meet. You’ll have to wait for some of his favorites too. Did the deceased love the Dodgers? Morrissey? Lotto scratcher? Looking forward to some souvenirs. Toys are traditionally kept off-render for children.

Food and Drink. Día de Muertos is about your loved ones coming back to share a meal with you, so prepare to feast. Pan de muerto is traditional. But it can be eaten with anything. And since food and drink are for life, let’s make the food you want while celebrating. Alcaraz said that he would bring coffee and Winchell’s donuts to the graves of his mother and aunt as he celebrates each year.

offrenda mezcal bottle

Loved ones’ favorite foods and drinks, such as mezcal bottles, are an important part of off-rendering.

(Nick Agrow / For the Times)

Who can participate?

According to Alcaraz, you don’t have to be from Mexico or of Mexican heritage to build an altar or celebrate Day of the Dead. It’s a holiday about love, holidays, and respect, so if you run into that feeling, you’re doing it right. He compared it to a food website that behaved like no one had previously thought of combining mango and chili powder, or suggested adding peas to guacamole.

“It’s good to love other people’s cultures. Start interpreting a particular culture as how you don’t behave as you invented it, and you’re doing Day of the Dead so much better than that.” Please explain to me,” said Alkaraz. “Don’t pretend you invented it. Don’t pretend you’re doing better than anyone else. Don’t wear Diadelos Muertos as a costume…. It’s about remembering how cool it really was That’s what makes that person happy. And that’s what makes you happy. They give you a connection, a warm connection, and they’re unforgettable.”

Pay attention to your loved ones – and focus on those rare occasions when you have to spend time with them again. In a year of sadness and isolation, Dia de Muertos may have a chance to take over and be remembered.

Dia de Murtosofrida Fruits, Skulls and Candles

The purpose of candles is to illuminate the path of spiritual improvement. Painted Chinese skulls are sometimes used to teach children that they need not fear death.

(Nick Agrow / For the Times)


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