Forget 007. The real James Bond style icon is Boris from GoldenEye

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Few film icons are as loved, admired and respected as James Bond. And crucial to the allure of Bond is the persona of Bond, a charming and ambitious film that has been carefully designed over decades, with cars, toys, sensible attitudes, and (of course) fashion. 007 Lifestyle has created a watch-car collaboration, an entire men-only site, and even a blog post that records a glimpse of history. But over time Bond’s lifestyle has become less appealing. i don’t have time to dieThe latest film in the franchise is said to take on feminine drinking and espionage locations around the world. Conveniently, for now and for now, you can clearly see the icons in unconventional styles. 1995s golden eye Pierce Brosnan is the first Bond adventure and famous for being the foundation of one of the most beloved video games of all time. But it is also the birthplace of the legend of authentic style, where the benefits of fashion are not fully recognized until 20 years later.

Enter Boris Grishchenko.

Alan Cumming as Boris Glishchenko golden eye, 1995.Everett Collection / United Artists

Stay with us here. Alan Cumming golden eye The villain was once hailed by the site as the worst-dressed Bond villain of all time. But time has healed all wounds, and when they revisited Boris’s tailor-made picks in 2020, it became clear that he finally got the last laugh. In some scenes, Boris provides a visionary template for men’s casual style.

Boris appears for the first time golden eyeSiberian sequence. Make a quick display of unmatched hacking skills as you go through US Department of Defense cyber security with ease. At first glance, it’s based on his beat-to-heel biker jacket, graphic T-shirt hoodie. up It’s more matching trousers – it sets itself apart from its more traditional colleagues. The almost solid look is pop, thanks to a Vault Boy-inspired graphic T-shirt and statement leather jacket. These are probably two clothes that are already hanging in the closet. Overall, Boris’s look reflects the punk and disjointed sensibilities he expresses throughout the film through hacking methods, while at the same time being a great choice to wear while working on a lively weekend. I have.

A little hard to tell on screen, Boris’ second outfit is a red wine winter hoodie with fur trim. Before becoming popular, it was originally Canada Goose. He overlays it on the leather jacket outfit mentioned above to create fabrics that don’t exactly resemble the ones found in the cityscape frozen around 2021. Still, true to its flair, Parker’s merlot shades pop strikingly. Especially in 1995, Siberia doesn’t seem to be the hipster city. Therefore, we consider the color to be a deliberate choice. This “slughead” is another way to stand out even more from the herd that Boris hates.

Forget 007. The real James Bond style icon is Boris from GoldenEye

Forget the source link 007. The real James Bond style icon is Boris from GoldenEye


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