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Stillwater, NY (AP) — This month, military veterans carefully dug up piles of mud on the battlefield of the War of Independence in New York, only to find man-made objects fired from muskets and cannons. Down.

Intensive fieldwork has given veterans (some dealing with post-traumatic stress disorders and physical injuries) a friendly friendship and a sense of mission.

Therefore, archaeological excavations at Saratoga National Historical Park have produced evidence from a second battle to turn the tide of Saratoga, but veterans have also benefited from the teamwork behind the discovery.

During a recent unexplained morning break, Bjorn Brookshaw of Laconia, New Hampshire, said, “We all come together to share the story of your fight, the story up front, and the history of what you’re digging into. You can share the love.”

Brookshaw, 38, was part of a crew of three that dug a small pit in the morning to activate a metal detector and searched a moist mass to find an old nail.

But the fans of the self-proclaimed freedom struggle liked it very much.

An army veteran injured in a roadside bombing in Iraq, Brookshaw is one of 15 veterans who participated in the excavations of American Veterans Archaeological Recovery, an organization that assists military personnel in their transition to the civilian world. The group works primarily with veterinarians with disabilities, but their focus is not on injuries, but on what participants can do in this area, says AVAR’s Stephen Humphries. ..

Find Friendships of Revolutionary Battlefield Veterans | Bollywood

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