Ferrari’s dominance in the fashion world

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A step away from Milan’s famous Duomo, the curve features a block-length arched façade, illuminated in the evening by rich red light. But you don’t have to look at red lights and logos to know almost immediately. This place belongs to Ferrari. The jhumta horse is behind the window, and the name of the car maker is written in a vermilion chandelier of stylized slab serif font.

However, this frontage is not an exotic car showroom. Instead, it is Ferrari’s second store dedicated to its new ready-made garment line. The brand premiered a side business in fashion in June 2021 and held a large catwalk presentation at its home in Maranello, Italy. Its first store was opened in Maranello shortly thereafter. A third location will cut the ribbon this fall with Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Miami properties continue to be renovated, with more properties planned to follow.

Ferrari’s automotive division will generate more than $500 million in revenue in 2020. And with how carefully Ferrari mounts its soaring horse, the brand is one of the most iconic brands in the world. So all this raises a question: what is this now? Why? In Milan, Rocco Iannone, creative director of a new line with a background in acting in Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Paul Zilleri, drew on the label’s ideas.

As they point out, the thinking process is simple. “Ferrari was recently ranked as the strongest brand in the world,” he tells me. (At least for one indicator, this is true. Iannone refers to the ranking created by a research group called the Blanc Directory. In 2021, WeChat beat Ferrari in the lead, but in 2020 Ferrari was the winner in 2019.) Many people know about Ferrari. He supports the company’s Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, wants a tram, and composes a rap song about owning a car. The engagement With branded products. “With this in mind, we decided to raise awareness of the younger generation, expand our fan base through our diversification strategy, and include as many people as possible,” says Iannone. Its diversification includes Ferrari theme parks, focusing on new F1 races like next year’s Miami. more clothes. “You don’t have to own a Ferrari,” he says. “It’s for loved ones brand I want to be involved in this somehow. “


Ferrari, like other supercar suppliers, has been producing goods for a long time. Ianon quickly learns that this is not the case. Instead, it is an entirely Ferrari-led high-end line that runs parallel to the Pilar products. Ferrari designers know exactly how a fusion of fall lines can transform everyday life into something very seductive, but moving from plain merchandise to true premium ready-to-wear is another kind of task.

“We are moving from a business standpoint to a design approach. To do this, we need to develop a valid design,” Iannon says. “We understand how disappointing the merchandising offer was. It’s hard for our customers and it’s me to recognize Ferrari’s dreams in what we sell. It got difficult for us. “

The June announcement marked a year’s worth of retail options. Iannone is based on Ferrari’s collections (both women’s and men’s wear, many of which are unisex) only once a year, with six “drops” the following year and what was seen on the runway. It says it was done. The focus of her debut was on the distinct, beautiful part of outerwear.

And it all looks exactly like a Ferrari. “I approached it from two different creative angles,” Iannon says. “The first is what I call the creative creative angle. It’s related to the aesthetics of our car. The surfaces, the lines, the stripes. The intention of our car designers. It’s very interesting to understand, and I talked a lot with them about the human body. Ferrari is the inspiration for cars. Our proportions, waists, hips, curves. It’s our anatomy. 2 The second is what I call anatomy, how to express ourselves through logos and visuals from 75 years of images. “


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