Fashion legend Martin Margiela arrives at a gallery near you

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Martin Margiela has become a great designer by presenting the human body as a kind of canvas for provocative and luxurious clothing. Now he cuts out the moderator and heads straight to the canvas, announcing that his artwork will be exclusively represented by Antwerp-based gallery ZenoX.

The founder of Maison Margiera has been focusing on art production since resigning as creative director of the house of the same name in 2008, and will hold a solo exhibition at Lafayette Antipications at the International Contemporary Art Fair next month. Therefore, I am announcing his first artwork collection. Or FAIC in Paris.

“After years, I realized that the human body my only medium was too narrow and the system suffocated,” Margiela said in a rare statement to Artnet. “I needed a broad spectrum of creative expression with complete freedom, and enjoyed pure creation without boundaries and rediscovered my roots as an art school boy today. I am proud that my work has received recognition. Is. “

The Belgian designer and artist has long been a mystery in the fashion world and has mostly avoided the public eye during his stint at Maison Margiela, where he has been creatively directed by John Galliano since 2014. Some pictures impressed him. He even has a presence on the Internet. “I thought I could give more if I felt safe,” Margiela herself said in a documentary with the correct title. Margiela says: In her own words, released last year. Indeed, his tendency to “give more” applies to his art as well. Featuring over 40 never-before-seen works, the next show spans a wide variety of media, from paintings and sculptures to films and installations.

Fashion legend Martin Margiela arrives at a gallery near you

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