Dave Chappelle’s Transcendence On “Closer” Causes Spillover Via Netflix

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Dave Chappelle has received severe criticism for his jokes and comments about transgender people. close, His latest Netflix special, premiered on October 5. The response is not limited to media and Twitter commentary. Netflix employees are also questioning the company’s decision to air a special.

next day near Released by Terra Field, Netflix Senior Software Engineer twitter thread Correspondence for the Chapel Special. On October 11, The Verge reported that the transgender field had been closed.

“I work for Netflix. Yesterday we launched another Chappelle special. They attacked the trans community and attacked transgender legitimacy. Meanwhile, other marginalized groups. I tried to fight,” she wrote. “You’ll hear a lot about ‘crime.’ We’re not angry.”

Field then killed 38 people in 2021, including Dominic “Dede” Jackson, 30, in Mississippi, brother Jeffrey “JJ” Bright (16), and Jasmine Kennedy (22) in Pennsylvania. Listed names of transgender and non-binary people. , and 24-year-old Tiara Banks of Chicago. “These are the people who have robbed us of our society’s cold disregard for the lives of transgender people, and they all deserve better,” she writes.

Netflix said in response to The Verge that Fields and two other employees were suspended because they tried to attend an uninvited, high-level meeting. “It is certainly not true to say that you stopped an employee because you tweeted about this show,” a spokesperson wrote. “Our employees are encouraged to protest openly and we support the right to do so.” Another Netflix employee reportedly quit because of a Chappelle special issue. I did

Netflix CEO Ted Salands sent an internal email, saying, “We do not allow Netflix titles designed to incite hate and violence, and we do not believe in them.” close cross that line. “

In the comedy set, Chappelle talks about the challenges facing blacks, contrasts with queer and transgender people, and ignores the duplication of both groups. Chappell is a consistent African-American champion and a 2020 special. 8:46 For the time police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck before his death, he has often criticized LGBTQ+ people. In its 2019 Netflix performance sticks and stones, He laments in the entertainment industry that “hurting people of the alphabet is never allowed.”

“It’s sad to see Chappelle mutilate himself to justify his shy ideas about gender, queenhood and identity. It’s funny and it’s so much needed, everyone is free together. Immediately makes me feel that way.” After,” Jones said: GQ An essay on new comedian material.

With a widely distributed clip from close, Chappelle blew people away by “cancelling” JK Rowling. “Effectively, she said gender is a fact. The transgender community got angry as shit and they started calling her TERF. I didn’t even know what it was, but I know transgender people make up words to win the debate…that’s the real thing. This is a group of women who hate transgender women. They don’t hate transgender women, we see transgender women the same way we see black faces It offends them, like “Hmm, this bitch makes my impression.”

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