Dave Chappelle addresses his backlash against the Netflix special “The Closer” with a new clip

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Dave Chappelle addresses his backlash against the Netflix special with a new clip

Three weeks later, it’s the result of Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special transgender commentary. close It is becoming more and more layered and complex. On October 25, Chappell shared a new video of his own performance dealing with the controversy he was obsessed with. “Did I cancel?” He asks angrily at the conclusion.

“I was told in the press that I was invited to speak to a Netflix transgender employee, but I declined. That is not true,” Chappelle told the audience. “If they had invited me, I would have done it. Would have accepted, but I am confused as to what we are talking about. I said what I said, and boy, did I hear what you said. My god, why can’t I? “

On October 20, Netflix employees went on strike to protest and demand something special from the company to support trans people in both the company and the film industry. According to The Verge, one of the main strike organizers was fired by Netflix in early October for leaking data related to Chappell’s event.

“Thanks to Ted Sarandos on Netflix. He’s the only one who hasn’t canceled me yet,” Chappelle said in a new video.

When employees expressed their first concerns about Chappelle’s latest work, Salands wrote in an internal email that “Netflix titles designed to incite hate and violence are not allowed, and that’s as close to the limit. Me.” Don’t think it will come to pass.” In a later conversation Diversity As the response escalated, he admitted that he “ruined that internal communication”, but emphasized that he had not seen it. close as a malicious expression.

Chappelle said that he would accept talking to transgender people, but determined that he would only speak to those who saw his whole special, and that he would determine the time and place (that too). (a man who criticized her and Saalands in an Instagram post while digging into comedian Hannah Gadsby).

“To the transgender community, I am ready to serve you with the audience,” he said. “But you will not call me, I will not accept anyone’s request. If you want to see me, I will be happy to do so, but I have some conditions.”

The most recent video appears to be of an October 24 Arena show in Nashville, where Chappell played with Joe Rogan. popular podcasters near His message was controversial, claiming that it was “never transphobic.”

The transgender comedian has been critical of Chappelle’s comments on LGBTQ+ people. a particular commitment had a broad section close Here he talks about his friendship with the late Daphne Dorman. He also mentioned in the 2019 special sticks Stones. (Some members of Dorman’s family provided support for the chapel.)

“I really want to love Dave Chappelle,” comedian and musician Nat Puff told CNN. And that’s the difference between saying something interesting about the trans-community and saying something unpleasant about the trans-community. “

Chappell said in a new document that he did not consider it a problem between himself and the LGBTQ+ community. “It’s about corporate profits and what can’t I say,” he insisted.

He also said that he had not been invited to several film festivals, having previously accepted the documentaries he made about the shows he had in Ohio last summer. The clip doubles as an announcement for film screenings across the United States, and these various performances may have sparked Chappelle’s headlines and controversy. close At the forefront of the entertainment world.

Dave Chappelle addresses his backlash against Netflix special ‘The Closer’ with a new clip

Source Link Dave Chappelle addresses his backlash against the Netflix special “The Closer” with a new clip


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