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How would you describe the sensation of your neck when turning a long corner at 150 mph?

The way I explain it to someone is literally as if someone is banging your head and trying to keep your head straight and not fall. The neck is also the muscle that disappears when you move. If you’re at the gym and doing bench presses, you can always have someone else do the squeeze. When your neck gets tired, it’s like a switch and you can’t press it anymore. If you get to that point, it’s a vulnerable spot.

Considering how busy the season is for you, how important are the off-season and pre-season to lay the groundwork for the season?

You nailed it: We don’t have time during the season. If you don’t prepare for pre-season and build that base, you’ll just catch on all year long. At the present time, you are traveling, so I would be lucky if you could get training for two days a week. I want to make sure you are doing well too. You shouldn’t be forced to train on days when you should be fine. Precision really is everything to us. When the season starts, it’s basically maintenance and make sure you stay on top of it. At the end of the season, always take three weeks off before and after Christmas to completely turn off the power and recover. January and February is my time to raise it.

Has your diet changed dramatically from off-season to off-season?

Luckily, I’m not the kind of person who blows up in the off-season. Sure, I enjoy an extra burger, a pizza, or a few drinks. Luckily, I still have a fairly fast metabolism. I can spend kilos here and there, but I’m not a big expansive person. Throughout the season, I stick with my greens, vitamins and make sure my diet has plenty of color. Lastly, I try to focus on balance. If you think you might enjoy dessert, don’t feel guilty. The food doesn’t turn out too crazy. Perhaps the biggest difference in the off-season is enjoying a few glasses of beer with friends, which diminishes during the season.

You have partnered with a supplement company Fork— How did it make sense to understand what your body experiences during the season?

This is great because through our schedules and different time zones, different air in different countries can affect food conditions and gut health. I used their product many years ago. Now you can choose what you like best, like sleep, probiotics, and gut health supplements. We are always a little sleep deprived because of the time zone. Therefore, our immunity can be quite low, so I swear by an immunity booster.

What does a typical race day look like to you?

Through my knowledge and experience, I was much better able to save energy on race days. When I was little, I woke up at 8 in the morning and was already bouncing off the wall. The race lasted till two o’clock in the afternoon. I was burning this energy unnecessarily. By race time, I was running up adrenaline. By making it smarter, I was able to confirm that it had reached its peak at race time. Breakfast will be omelet or porridge. Like avocado, it also tries to put fat in it. I don’t usually eat much, but I will use fat to give me energy for a longer period of time. Hold meetings and strategic briefings. Through them, I try to drink hydration drinks and make sure that I always drink them during the race to avoid dehydration.

Lunch would be easy. It will be rice with chicken, vegetables and mushrooms. It’s basic and doesn’t upset your stomach during a run, so don’t use hot sauce or anything else. An hour before a race, when I get alone time. Start a little warm-up, do dynamic stretching, play music, do reflex training, release and start slowly, enter energy stores, burn a little and use up. my preparation.

After the race, you’ll be swept away by the media, so you won’t be able to have a full meal until about 2 hours after the race, so it’s important to refuel early. Have your trainer prepare for a shake and eat right that night. I usually get dehydrated after a run, so I keep drinking water. I don’t think I’ll pee until about 3 hours after the race, so be sure to rehydrate.

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