Daniel Craig’s James Bond Legacy

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Its haunting quality made Craig’s Bond a darker character, but that didn’t always work in the series’ favor. Craig has never had the same chemistry with any of his co-stars since Green. And while Bond does have sex in every series of movies, the pair usually looks more faithful than sexy.

Casino Royaleimmediate follow-up, quantum of Solacechosen to continue the story that began with Casino Royale.. At first, Bond movies more or less forgot that previous Bond movies existed. In fact, there are occasional references to developments from past film plots (such as Tracy, Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Bond’s Fatal Wife) and supporting roles such as Em, Felix Leiter, Moneypenny, and Que Remains (various actors), and villains. . Come back to Angkor. However, the series took a mostly empty approach and did not require the audience to know what had happened before.

Quantity replace it and pick it up almost immediately where Casino Royale This was interrupted as Bond was dealing with the villains left behind from his previous adventure. The film ends when he catches another bad guy tied to Vesper. Instead of making a fresh start each time, Craig’s Bond series will be one continuous story.

It fits Craig’s vision of the character. As the series progresses, his bond gets more and more tiring. But to tell a story, you also need a story that is intriguing and demands a new chapter. This is never understood by the movies of the Craig era. It was easy to take care of the story in each entry. Good films are very good and weak films are very good. However, I felt that the connection between Daniel Craig’s Bond films was almost unnecessary. It’s an interesting idea that isn’t completely implied.

quantum of Solace double the grainy one Limit Despite Naomi Harris winning the money, giving room to Judi Dench’s M (a rare holdover from the pre-Craig era) and reviving the author of Jeffrey Wright. It all sounds the same, but somehow less. Nothing terrible quantum of Solace, but it plays a bit like an idle vehicle after a thrilling Casino Royale..

To bring it back, Bond’s handler brought on Sam Mendes, a stylish director who has a play about the Iraq War. jarhead At that time he was closest to an action film. It was a mysterious decision. The franchise mainly relied on action artisans. Mendes is the name and is most famous of the following plays: American Beauty When revolutionary way.. It also proved to be the right choice.

James Bond movies have always shown a wealth of beauty: beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful cars. Although sky fall This is the first work that can be called a beautiful film. Visually, this is an amazing feat, thanks to the great cinematographer Roger Deakins. It’s practically a series #oneperfectshot Whether you’re shooting the foggy Scottish hills or the neon-filled Macau skyline, the scene keeps unfolding.

sky fall He also portrayed a villain who felt like a Bond resemblance to Ral Silva (Javier Bardem), some suggesting why Bond became his man, and deepening his connection to M. (Craig’s Bond will never be a great romantic, but he is the first Bond to be deeply attached to his friends.)

The story of betrayal and revenge, which conveys the moral turbidity peculiar to detective games like John Le Carré, is also fascinating. Is it a coincidence that this is Craig Bond and has the fewest ties to the wider story that began with it? Casino Royale (at least until the successor forces some recombination)?


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