Clint Eastwood is 91 years old and his movies are getting more and more bold

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John Mulaney and Pete Davidson starring January 20, 2019 saturday night live“Weekend Update” provides a report that Colin Jost described in the introduction as a “very important experience”. The setup suggested that Davidson was talking about his mental health issues and some nasty Instagram posts that hinted at suicide a few weeks ago. Instead, he provided a breathtaking synopsis of Clint Eastwood. mule, “The biggest, weirdest and most banal movie ever made nearly 90 years ago—a drug mule.”

It’s mostly interesting, because Murray and Davidson don’t have to decorate the details. director Eastwood, starring, mule The unlucky Illinois gardener tells a story inspired by the fact that he is the preferred mode of transportation for drug cartels, changes jobs at the end of his life, and enjoys public roads and the occasional trio. Do you know, Them Movies.

They weren’t wrong: mule Strange film. But it’s just one example of what was a decade of decadently unexpected, sometimes mysterious, and sometimes thrilling for Eastwood, now 91, who tried new styles and new techniques. and proceed, stacking one film on top of the other. ..

Eastwood has shown no signs of slowing down and hasn’t talked about retirement. He Looks Like One of the Healthiest 91-Year-Old People on the Planet, But He’s Still 91 years..Each film may be his last, and other filmmakers may have regarded it as the climax of time, but Eastwood is more restless than ever. Even though the film isn’t quite as well distributed (though some are well distributed), Eastwood’s final call to “cut” reminds us that the film world is a bit dull. ..

Eastwood’s most popular role dominates our perception of his filmography, but he has challenged himself since his first film as a director. scary tunesThe jazz DJ protagonist of the stalker thriller, Eastwood, looks almost as bad as his hingeless criminal, played by Jessica Walter. In later years, he made the expected westerns and crime thrillers, but also romanced in May/December (almost rarely seen). breezy), the Charlie Parker biopic (Bird), played a thinly veiled version of John Huston (white hunter black heart), and offered one of her best and best-selling performances on the other side of Meryl Streep (Madison County Bridge) It becomes slippery when one takes a closer look at Eastwood filmography.

His unexpected late career phase began with the 2010 film From now onA supernatural drama written by Peter Morgan, the most famous author of historical dramas such as Frost / Nixon create Crown.. The world famous film features some characters who suffer from visions of the afterlife. George (Matt Damon) is a psychic who is trying his best to ignore his connection to the Great Beyond. Damon would be one of his best performances. In particular, George’s attempt to romance an attractive woman named Melanie (Bryce Dallas Howard) reveals the weight of his gift and the distance between him and the others. World. From now on It’s a worthwhile effort, even if it’s a little out of shape, as Eastwood might be used to shooting the script when it comes to it, rather than requesting additional drafts.

Even a recent Eastwood film that looks straightforward from afar becomes more complicated if you look closely. She recorded the biggest hits in 10 years American sniper An adaptation of the description of shooter Chris Kyle’s service in the Iraq War, starring Bradley Cooper in 2014. The film serves as a moving story of a military hero, but at its best, it also serves as a study of the protagonist’s cost. . Eastwood’s politics is far more complicated than his hopelessly vacant chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention. He is certainly quick to counter libertarian ideals, but as an anti-war, as a celebration of waving a sacrificial flag, or as a condolence to unnecessary bloodshed, it is the time to ensure that struggle. helps in what the film depicts. Difficult to recognize.

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