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The Japanese Garden first inspired the imagination of the general public in the United States at the Columbian Exposition of the World in Chicago in 1893, gaining popularity in Gilded Age mansions, and was later adopted as an open-plan modernist home. Rice field.

Today, they are evolving and continue to inspire garden design as many seek to create a closer relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.

“One of the reasons why gardens are so successful in Japan is that the relationship between home and garden is so integrated. There is a great view of the garden and an unobstructed view. The garden surrounds and the house. It feels like your living. The space is huge because it surrounds you,” said Oakland, New Jersey, who trained in Kyoto, Japan and is now creating a Japanese-style garden for American clients. Asher Brown says ..

“Beauty is definitely in fashion.”

The design of Japanese gardens in this country goes far beyond the distinctive features of lanterns and imported Japanese cherry blossoms and maples, and is the chief curator of Portland Japanese Gardens and International Japanese Garden Training in Oregon. Sad Fumi Uchiyama, director of the center. Uchiyama is a third-generation Japanese gardener native to southern Japan.

Initially, Japanese gardens in the United States “imitated stone lanterns, watersheds, and stepping stones,” he says. But gradually, he started designing more original and authentic gardens. We are now looking at quality in more detail,” he says, with more widely available books and expertise.

“Bringing Nature”: Let’s Talk About Japanese Gardens Now | National News

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