Batman scene-stealing sunglasses can be yours

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batman It won’t be shown in theaters until March next year, but expectations are already high. Matt Reeves’ reboot main trailer was dropped within two weeks and fans have been spending days since. lose their shit.. There’s a lot of excitement in the haunting scene of Robert Pattinson’s The Dark Knight, but our main concern right now is a little bit more, uh, Stuff Nature. Forget deciphering the hidden Easter eggs and speaking through mysterious plot points: we only want to know that Sunny is responsible for stealing the Batman scene!

If you too stop the trailer by more than a minute and take a serious double take, you’re in luck. GQUK’s entrepreneurial partner has unearthed a big scoop. Eventually, Batman shades, for example, are visible for 0.5 seconds, but are none other than Persol, the famed sunglasses brand that has long been a favorite of Hollywood royalty.

Persol PO2747S Rectangular Sunglasses

Our British counterparts have called them “some of the best sunglasses we’ve seen since Will Smith, who wore the Raybon in the 1997, adorned the screen.” man in black Or, in fact, Keanu Reeves lays claim to minimalist metallic sunglasses matrix..” I agree. And when you delve into Pattinson’s look as sad boy Bruce Wayne, you’ll totally bite into the black stitching and existential malaise. The easiest way to chew up his style without throwing on the cape .

Batman scene-stealing sunglasses can be yours

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