Awe for Justin Theroux’s new mustache

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Welcome to another week of grooming gods. There’s an A+ mustache exposure from the Met Gala, a pair of British icons and a full swath of wild hair.

Craig Ballita

Justin Theroux

A lot of people had a mustache surprise because of the pandemic, so I thought we had seen it all. Less likely! This is a fabulous one from Theroux.

Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal at the New York premiere of “Tammy Fay’s Eyes.”

taylor hill

Peter Sarsgaard

Sloppy and handsome in a friendly way: Sir Sagard fills Brooklyn’s father in. (It makes sense that he’s single.)

Neil Mockford

David Beckham

It looks like the platinum blonde crew cut adds a bit of edge to black tie, doesn’t it?

Neil Mockford

Andy Serkis

Ladies and gentlemen, no motion captions were needed to create this spectacular wind-blown effect.

gilbert carasquillo

Justin Biber

Dig This Sweep Forward Caesar – Clean the Beaver!

taylor hill

kid Cudi

From tennis balls to the Met Gala, the event is one of…

Sean Zani

Frank Ocean

… but two of them are upright movements.

angela weiss

Russell Westbrook

Navy blue was a good match for Tax – the stars were clearly around the corner.

taylor hill

lee pace

If you are thinking about shaving or haircut this week, then think again.

James Devney

Channing Tatum

Buzzcut can help transform Tatum’s BMX guy, but kicks his ass with a black tie.

Awe for Justin Theroux’s new mustache

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