Anwar Hadid Shows You the Power to Straighten Your Hair

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Welcome to another week of grooming gods. There’s a fresh dye job, the next level of gray goatee and a nice character beard.


anwar hadido

Most people with medium length hair part it sideways or brush it straight back. But it looks like Hadid has polished it straight—it’s a much more difficult move. And he pulls it off: It’s not immediately noisy and feels like an absolute moment.

gilbert carasquillo

Adam Sandler

This seriously striking beard comes to us, thanks to the role of Sandler in the next Netflix movie push..

Ricky Thompson

new apartment When Fresh red paint!

JB Lacroix

Javier Bardem

The last time he checked-in, Bardem had a full beard. It is proof that the best way to grow a mustache is often to spread out all the mustache and cut off the ones you don’t need.

GP / Starmax

Billy Bob Thornton

Gray looks great on this goatee.

Marco Mantovani

Rob Rako

Inspiration to slick your hair straight back.


Joe Jonas

More inspiration to slick your hair straight back.

BG005 / Bauer-Griffin

Pete Wentz

These long golden locks are quickly becoming a calling card.

Marco Mantovani

Nayl Horan

Will achieving this volume in your hair get you an army of ardent fans? It obviously can’t hurt.

Jonah Hill

Every time we think that this beard couldn’t get better, it gets even rougher and more taut.

Anwar Hadid Shows You the Power to Straighten Your Hair

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