Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that accidentally killed the film set crew

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A Tragic Accident In Alec Baldwin’s Next Western New Mexico Set War Cinematographer Helena Hutchins passed away on October 21. Baldwin shot from a prop gun, killing Hutchins and wounding Joel Sousa.

In a statement posted on Twitter“There are no words to express my shock and grief over the tragic death of my wife, mother and our colleague Harina Hutchins,” Baldwin said. .. He further stated that he was cooperating with the police and was in contact with Hutchins’ husband and family.

After the accident, Hutchins was taken by helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where he eventually died of wounds. There was no arrest or trial for each variety. Filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch, which is also used in the following films: Yuma from Buster’s Craggs Ballad, 3:10, When Opponent.

After working as a DP in the acclaimed 2020 superhero film, Hutchins has garnered a lot of attention in the world of filmmaking. arch enemy. Film star Joe Manganiello posted a message on Instagram about Hutchins, expressing his anger over the accident.

“She was a great person. There wasn’t that much pressure she could handle. She was a great collaborator and was by everyone’s side in front of the camera,” he writes. “Everyone who knew her was by her side . I can’t believe this can happen in this era… Did the shooting kill the crew? It’s a horrific tragedy. I mind. It’s aimed at his family, especially his son.”

arch enemy Adam Egypt Mortimer his own post.. “It is very sad to lose Harina, and I was so furious that this could have happened on the sets. She was an amazing talent who was totally dedicated to art and film,” he wrote.

“I don’t think there are any words to describe the situation,” said Hutchins’ husband, Matthew.

According to the latest information provided by IATSE Local 44, a branch of the Cinema and Theater Crafts Association, the weapon of the set was a “live single round”. He revealed that none of the union members worked in props, set decoration, special effects or construction. Hutchins is a supporter of the recent IATSE protests over dangerous conditions and unfair pay, which nearly culminated in the union’s first strike in more than 120 years’ history before a last-minute deal. has arrived. Hutchins Member 600 local branches of the International Cinematographers Guild in Los Angeles

ns new York Times He pointed out that fatal accidents on film sets are uncommon, but not unprecedented. A helicopter crashed during filming, killing three actors. Twilight Zone: The Movie In 1982, Brandon Lee was shot during the filming of 1993. Crow, Camera assistant Sarah Jones died in 2014 while shooting a passing train midnight rider.

Production of War, It featured Baldwin as co-producer and storyteller, but was turned down. The film tells the story of a robber who has to save his teenage grandson after being sentenced to death for an accidental murder. Soja was discharged from the hospital.

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