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“Be more and more real,” said Tony.“Make this show as hallucinatory as possible. I want the images from Haiti art, crosses, skulls, dicks, babies, limbs to intersect the dreamy reality of the real environment.”

By 2010, the show had started to repeat in place, and Tony wanted to stretch his legs and tell a few different stories. He insisted and finally requested, we go to Haiti, and in the end the Travel Channel reluctantly approved the trip. We arrived months after the 7.0 earthquake, which killed 250,000 people. This will be the first time a show will happen intentionally We have really challenged the “high-risk environment”. I don’t think any of us were fully aware of what we signed up for until we landed in Port-au-Prince. The city is gone. Instead, there were gloominess, mass graves, countless temporary refugee camps, and crumbling concrete connected by a network of partially blocked roads. Thousands were still missing, survivors were dealing with cholera outbreaks, and foreign aid and attention had dwindled. When driving at night, occasionally the only light came from passing cars or burning drums. It represents an improvised obstacle. Our security officer, Damien, never took his hand away from the gun hidden in the glove box.

Shooting was emotionally intense, but two months later in New York, the edits were well organized until the network did what seemed best to ruin it. Does it like the lack of food? “Is there still tourism? “More worrying is the art of narration, more linear interpretation, final clean synopsis, and storytelling in general. Sexual spoilers were needed. Editor Eric and I were horrified, fearing that the network would make our show a success.” However, Tony intervened and violently pushed back, defending the cut.

“This episode is Emmy Awards material. This. front line.. I want something impressive. .. ..it is us Displayed— —No I’m saying it’s not a dispute. No happy conclusion or Any You need to come to a conclusion that is not out of date in terms of airtime. “

Tony eventually won, and he was right: The show won a deserving Emmy for filming Jack and Todd. There was also a precedent that raising standards may require moving to more difficult places. We also had to know how and when to counter that force.

If you’re at home and haven’t filmed an episode or slept for a week, you’ll probably find yourself working with an editor. I have always been deeply involved in my editing. I had to do. From my point of view, it didn’t matter how hard I worked in the field, as long as the show was left on the editing room floor. The edits may not have been as flashy as the shoots, but they were just as high stakes and a lot more satisfying. Oddly enough, through editing, I realized that I was really there and enjoyed the journey in a way that I couldn’t while shooting. Television production, especially with Tony, was an operation that “the purpose justifies the means.” It may be the most terrifying, painful, humiliating and terrifying shoot, but if it was a great edit, a great final product, almost all the bad things that happened in the field would have been forgotten. ..

It took a long time to screen live footage, extract sound bites, do additional research, and collaborate creatively with editors to successfully guide the show through editing. The actual storytelling was done in the editing room. I always tried to add bells and whistles and create something special, beautiful, emotional, honest or personal. Of course, the ultimate goal was to put on a good performance, and Tony was the ultimate judge of success.


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