A Song for Willie Garson, a Life Changing Person I’ve Never Met

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After all, his co-stars were just as attached to Gerson as to audiences like mine. “I loved that guy,” says Sean Palmer, who played Stanford boyfriend Marcus for two seasons. “The first day of set had to emulate his blow job, which was pretty annoying, but he really tried to be as comfortable as possible for me. He got me a good one. I made sure to stick with my outfit. also came for stuff that i put it in. i was always happy with the possibilities he gave to his character, stanford and storyline, so i told him i was happy to be selected. nice to have some people around Looks like. Willie brought him to the table with a spade.”

Field agreed, saying that Garson’s delight inspired him to create Stanford’s signature wardrobe. “His personality inspired me, and I went with it, and he replied. He was happy and colorful. I introduced myself to him. I was encouraged to dress him, too. Whenever I showed him something that I liked Like, he loved her too. Her personality is that I don’t know how contagious she was. “I didn’t know if she was talking about Stanford or Gerson. You can see the two types of sensations that have just mixed up.

Palmer says she didn’t know how important their relationship was until a few years later.

“I’m certainly proud and content to be able to portray the most successful relationships on the show at the time. We weren’t kidding, but something we wanted. It belonged to Willie. I think it was An achievement. You wanted to support Stanford because Willie brought your love for them into the story.”

When it comes to expressing LGBTQ+ in the media, we’re mostly headed in the right direction. It will be displayed in the following way. sex educationhandjob excitementhandjob Aristocrat class When love, victor Not only here, it is celebrated. But these shows focus on strange youth experiences. There’s no doubt about the important story, but nothing even closes to filling Stanney’s void. There’s one more thing I don’t think the character has been replicated so accurately. In Season 2, Stanford is wary of meeting a man he is talking to online. Why? “He said he looked really good and had a really torn body,” he said with a lengthy dismay to Carey. After that, when I boldly went to see the man, I found out it was a bar with only underwear, and I worried I might be abandoned because I didn’t have enough 6 packs. I remember the pain of watching that scene when I was 10 years old. And ten years later, I suddenly found myself in a very similar situation.

For a long time I resigned from Stanford University, but now I wear it as an honorary brooch. I think most of them were Gerson’s performances. Many of them were as if these characters were always visible to each other. It was not freedom of judgment, but a decision born out of deep love, understanding and respect.

Actor Kevin McHale met Gerson a few years ago when the two were playing at a charity poker tournament. Soon they became friends. I myself asked McHale, a gay man, how Stanford influenced him. Like Maidan, he spoke with Stanford and Wiley as entities. Add. “To me, Willie was a clever ass with a golden heart. What I saw was that his heart and love were fully expressed. SATC.. He was a very good friend in real life and a very good friend of Carrie. It also makes me wonder how important it was to be respectful and kind to someone because he played such an important role in a huge show. He always tried to downplay the importance of his role, but we all knew the truth, so I hope he did. “

Willie, we love you.


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