21 Best Wedding Suits for Men in 2021: Black Ties, Semi Formal, Classic & More

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Have you been invited to a wedding that clearly claims to be an anti-black tie? The perfect wedding suit for men is a fail-safe black tie option. For all the headache associated with navigating the complexity of a wedding dress code, run to a dry cleaner for an emergency rendezvous with the darkest black tie around and the strict “what to wear to a beach wedding”! “When checking the weather on the island of Maui, most formal weddings will help in at least one way. That is, they know exactly what they look like. Not so in a more casual wedding.

Understanding what is considered an appropriate wedding dress can be a headache when the dress code requires something other than classic black tie. Enter a reliable two-piece suit. Navy blue, for example, or a charcoal gray traditional suit is always a safe bet, especially in the face of the frightening possibilities of confusing wedding invitations. Pair it with a fresh white dress shirt, a plain tie, dark dress shoes and the finished product. Your gum gum will quickly introduce you as his dapper grandson.

The best wedding suit for an aspiring man, whether it’s yours, your partner’s, or the one you want to see twice a year, mysteriously makes you the groom’s attendant, helping you arrive right on your big day helps. (I’m really honored.) Track down the best available today, including a treat or two that will be forever grateful to be added to the repertoire so you can cross the wedding circuit in style. Down.

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budget black tie pick

The J.Crew Ludlow may be a few years past its heyday, but if you’re going to a black tie wedding and are seriously considering renting an oof, there are more budget options on the market. is almost non-existent. Raise hundreds of dollars in extra money and copy one of these yourself instead. Trust us: You’ll come across a lot in the long run.

J.Crew Ludlow Slim Fit Shawl Color Black Tuxedo Jacket

J.Crew Ludlow Classic Fit Black Tuxedo Pants

ns Number budget black tie pick

When it comes to creating flashy red carpet looks, A-listers from every walk of life turn into the same guy. In Tom Ford, you always look like a certified Hollywood royal family.

Tom Ford “Shelton” Peak Lapel Cotton Velvet Dinner Jacket

Tom Ford Satin Trim Black Tie Pants

bust a move black tie pick

Do DJs break the dance floor as soon as it’s jammed? Bonobos’s incredibly stunning performance tuxedo is specially designed to accompany you on the go and look fresh as a box, no matter how many times you mosh Isley Brothers.

bonobos italian performance black tie

all american pickup

If you profess to be an agnostic, Noah’s Repentant Skate Kid Tailoring is for you. It’s designed with all the features of a traditional American sack suit (lightly structured fit, classic notch lapel, ventless back) but some of the best Italian clothing you can buy for money. With this it is finished.

classic british pickup

If Prince Charles didn’t have to stick to a full morning coat rig every time one of his kids hitchhike to hitchhike, you’d better believe he’d show up in a suit like this.

Drake Chalk Striped Fleece Flannel Tailored Jacket

Drake Chalk Striped Flat Front Pants

travel friendly selection

Need a suit that your partner can jump out of to get caught up in and withstand the rigors of intercontinental travel? This is your man. Reese’s makes a Hope suit from a stretchy wool blend that’s designed to look sharp enough to be taken off the rack after a flight (“Ominous sound from an overhead rack suitcase. I hope it’s not an intentional one.”) ). ..

Reece “Hope” Modern Fit Travel Blazer

Wreath “Hope” Modern Fit Travel Pants

year round selection

Atlanta’s Haberdashery signature suit style will do no wrong no matter where you wear it.

Sid Mashburn Kincaid No. 2 Suit

Groom-Upstaging Pick

Did you get bones to choose from with the groom? From attending the ceremony in one of Needles’ fun, hingeless patchwork suits, he regrets (at least in style) every decision on the day of the wedding.

Sui FP Bootcut Pants

#menswear pick

Buying a suit for a brand new wedding is the perfect time to fill the gap in your sewing rotation. The Ring Jacket is formal enough to be worn adjacent to the altar, but modest enough to offer a permanent slot in the starting lineup.

Ring Jacket Shadow Plaid Suit

double breath theme

Yes, you can take off your double breasted suit, and yes, it’s time to get married.

Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Wool Twill Gray Suit

lift with belt

Who says suits need to look the same? The unstructured take against Lemaire’s classic double-breasted silhouette comes with a gentle and distinctly slight fringe, with a belted waistline and a mix of silks that draped like a 2021 suit. Growth.

Lemaire Double Breasted Silk Blend Crepe Suit Jacket

Lemaire Pleated Silk Blend Crepe Suit Pants

after party picks

Play Siri, “They’re back in town.”

Suit Supply Off-White Havana Suit

don’t call it navy pickup

To be sure, attending a wedding in a traditional navy suit is not a bad idea. But if you want the same kind of credibility and a slightly more exclusive suit, opt for something like the hand-dyed cotton number of the post-Empire. It’s this distinctly human approach that helps it stand out in a sea of ​​cookie cutter options. ..

Post-Imperial Ecoi hand-dyed cotton jacket

post-imperial ikeja hand-dyed cotton pants

Select IYKYK

The right pair of pants looks even better as a complete kit to survive a pandemic. Channel the pleated puppy, Stephen Yoon, with a simple button-up and a pretty black derby.

Homme Pliss Issey Miyake Single Breasted Technical Pleated Jersey Jacket

Homme Pliss Technical Pleated Straight Leg Pants

Plus, the seven wedding suits we love

Todd Snyder Italian Pinstripes Gurkha Suit

Buy an endlessly versatile blend of cotton and wool and enjoy a waistband-style waistband.

Mango Slim Fit Double Blazer

A sleek double-breasted jacket can replace all your favorite autumn outerwear…

Mango Slim Fit Suit Pants

…and pants that threaten to do the same to your jeans.

sandro fleece suit jacket

There is no such thing as a sharp cut suit in the perfect shade of steel blue. to select to do.

sandro wool suit pants

If you throw the jacket on after the ceremony, the trousers will fit on their own.

Peter Miller Solid Wool Suit

In a pinch, the 9-5 Turn anchor is also hilarious as a dressed wedding dress.

Boglioli’s Jacket Tuxedo

The irony is that even if you’re not in Italy, you should be doing it like an Italian.

Ami Hidden Button Long Jacket

Have you heard about this? Suits is getting bigger now. Ami’s intentionally sizable without going into full zoo territory.

Ami Tobacco Fit Pants

UNIQLO U Wool Blend Tailored Jacket

Dig in the mood for the Lemaire suit above, but don’t have the money to make it your own? Now is the time to get some of the designer’s unique vision with Sound Bargain.

Uniqlo U Wool Blend Wide Fit Pants

We’ve been saying this for years, but here it is to reiterate: brown suits are criminally undervalued.

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