2021 GQ Fitness Awards: Best Training Wear, Gear, Technology, Accessories

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best workout shirt

Best Everyday T-Shirt: 10,000 Durable Shirts

Of course, I want the gym shirt to look good. And yes, it should be left up to snuff in terms of performance as well. But above all, it needs to be able to take a serious blow: It gets stuck in the machine, spins in all directions, and runs a heavy cycle 50 times a year. All these marks had 10,000 T-shirts on them. They’re flattering, treated with odor-fighting silver ions, finished with non-rubbing flatlock seams, and made of a sturdy polycotton blend that can withstand almost anything . Oh yeah, did you say it only costs $34 a pop? hoarding.

Best Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Tracksmith Van Courtland Long Sleeve

When it’s cold out and you need to fool yourself into running, there’s no way easier than pulling off a long-sleeved T-shirt like this one. Soft, breathable and antibacterial, but with just one impressive color combination, it’s a cool, dark green with an orange flame burning on your chest for a refreshing morning pavement. Enough to be ready and energetic.

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Tracksmith Van Cortland Long Sleeve

Best Running T-Shirt: Sour Running Hot Weather T-Shirt

Maybe you’re one of the lucky SOBs where the changing seasons don’t matter. Where you live, there are no clouds in the sky. Parkers are when the weather is below 75. Soar Running’s beautiful paneled T-shirt complements your warm-weather appearance. They’re made from feather light jersey with UPF50 protection and a spot-on-box fit for just the right amount of wind.

Soar Running Hot Weather T-Shirt

best active tank top

Indeed, Ciel’s NSB Tank has all the bells and whistles you need. It has flatlock seams for comfort, an antibacterial finish to combat odors, and is made from a blend of cool organic cotton and quick-drying recycled polyester. But the real reason it made our list when you’re chasing a runner is the gorgeous mullet on the colorway: All Business White. Party behind zebra prints while you’re blowing them.

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best workout shorts

Best Running Shorts: Aloe 5 “Adapt Running Shorts”

If you’re looking for the essentials of high-performance bottoms, Alo’s Adapt running shorts are for you. The 5-inch cut is flattering and unobtrusive, the crazy light material and interior briefs keep everything secure and comfortable, and the hidden pockets are the perfect size for cards and keys. Everything you need, nothing you need.

Elo 5 “Inadequate Optimization”

Best Attention Grab Shorts: True Tribe Active Swim Shorts

While many activewear claim to be ready for anything, these flashy tights on Paris label True Tribe are exactly what they are: from morning runs to powerlifting sesh to swimming in the pool. Maybe even at the club at night—that is, if you dress them up right and don’t skip leg days.

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True Tribe Active Swim Shorts

Best Lifting Shorts: Y, IWO Logo Print Color Block Tricot Shorts

The muscle-tethered anesthesia behind the Y, IWO, or “yes, I work out,” is borrowed independently from the heyday of Arnold and Gould’s gym oiled bodybuilding. These shorts are silky smooth and come with a simple liner to help ensure that only the quadriceps are visible.


Best All-Purpose Shorts: Oliver’s All Over Shorts

Although basic to the naked eye, Oliver’s signature shorts are more performance-oriented than you might think. The fabric is soft, stretchy, sweat-absorbing, quick-drying and water-repellent. Plus, there are three pockets (two at the hips and two on the inside) to keep your belongings safe on the go.

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best workout hoodie

There’s a hoodie that you can make nice if you want, and then there’s a dedicated training hoodie.. forelaps lace hoodie Definitely the latter. The fit is trim, the material is very stretchy, there are convenient zip pockets for valuables, and there are display thumbholes on the cuffs (I’m interested in this and know what to do with them if). What is a Hoodie? I am suffocating. The perfect light layer for yoga, CrossFit, XC skiing on a sunny day, whatever Pangia Eco-Friendly Active Wear HoodieAt the same time, it is clearly written on the chest. “This hoodie is made from seaweed, eucalyptus, bio-based nylon and responsible stretch fibers. The fabric is treated with plant-based moisture absorption technology and peppermint oil to keep it fresh. Saving water, energy and time. We Couldn’t have said it better than myself.

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Pangea Active Wear Hoodie

best fitness outerwear

If the weather forecast app warns you about rain or winds, bring it with you Lulu Lemon Warp Light Packable Jacket.. it has enough water-repellent layer to almost dry the house when you take it out of the pouch, but breathable enough to keep it from overheating in the process. Like many of Lululemon’s works these days, Warp Lights doesn’t hurt it either. to resemble Good – enough to break it if there is no weather warning. If you’re a cyclist who really enjoys riding on a rainy day, you better than us. And you want something simple, too chroma bomber from cycling start-up universal color..The completely waterproof exterior keeps bones dry, and the breathable pits and back keep performance from succumbing to all that wetness.

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lululemon warp lite packable jacket

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Universal Color Chroma Rain Jacket

best running hat

The best running hats are the hats you don’t even remember wearing. Junjie’s Hyper Light Cap— clock in at only 29 oz — that’s all, Too Keeps noggins cool, dry and comfortable. When sunscreen isn’t needed, the gentle foam brim can be flipped over, and the full hat can be pushed into your pocket after training without losing its shape. You won’t remember to turn it on, but Hyperlite’s deliciously “spray dye” treatment allows everyone around you to see it loud and clear.

best gym bag

er pocket-happy duffleI like everything in place, with a special compartment for sneakers, side ventilation to blow away sweat-soaked armament, and a durable water-resistant outerwear to keep everything dry. In a modest flex market for Type A people? Prada Signature Black Nylon Even more than 40 years after it was first introduced, it still speaks volumes. for more information That’s allFlex mentioned, give Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Mini At a time. A spacious backpack with lots of candy tones, made from military grade materials, with a variety of useful features such as an external stash pocket and easily accessible key hooks.

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